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Shen Jun: stage engine optimization, and new energy vehicles are indispensable – internal combustion

To "Financial Crisis and the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization," the theme for the year 2009 China Automotive Industry International Forum on September 4, 2009 at the opening of Tianjin Binhai New Area. In the forum’s plenary session, the automotive industry-related government officials, academics on the financial crisis of the Chinese Government promulgated the relevant policies on the impact of the domestic automobile industry had extensive and in-depth study.

Roland? Berger Strategy Consultants Greater China vice-president and partner, Shen Jun, the next five years on the Chinese automotive market report on China’s expected to be the world leader in electric car market was the subject more in-depth analysis.

Shen Jun that of new energy vehicles has long been a global issue, the fundamental issue is how the auto industry is a factor of sustainable development? Shen Jun

analyzed from three aspects the development of new energy vehicles strategic significance:
First, China’s auto market, according to China’s energy consumption can be found in the past, with the rapid increase in economic growth year after year, of which a very important indicator?? Car in the proportion of oil consumption is also rising.

Accounting for 7.5% from 1993 to the early 21st century 28.5% in 2001, future growth in accordance with the figure of energy consumption by 2020 the proportion of vehicles will reach 60%, therefore, he considered the issue of energy consumption is very important, which the exploration of new energy vehicles a very important reality.

Second, carbon emissions, and this is a problem with the global environment, the future of EU carbon emissions are strictly limited schedule, including some developing countries, he considered further in this area, there are initiatives follow-up, the development of new energy vehicles need to pay attention to the second question.

Third, environmental pollution, in his view of sustainable development, must consider the green GDP, vehicle emissions of particulate matter and carbon dioxide caused by pollution that require attention, from the energy, emissions and pollution point of view , what is an automobile model of sustainable development.

Internal combustion engine Optimization and new energy vehicles are indispensable
Shen Jun that in this context, the strategic significance of new energy vehicles highlighted. To solve the above-mentioned major problems there are two ways, first the traditional Internal combustion engine Performance optimization technology to improve combustion efficiency and reduce emissions, another way is to develop alternative energy sources, development of new energy, the two channels can be broken down into many stages, including the use of alternative energy, bio-fuels, methanol, hydrogen, etc. Each path of the following are experiencing technical or economic scale.

He said that the traditional internal combustion engine optimization and new energy vehicles in these two paths of view is indispensable, if the traditional car failed, the traditional internal combustion engine technology failed, rely on electric vehicles is also a problem, we need to In this process, two roads at the same time. And the future of electric drive to achieve, there is a long way to go. In this process, in order to carry out hybrid way.

From traditional internal combustion engine performance optimization point of view, there are many ways through internal combustion engine efficiency, power systems, and other directions to improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines. In the battery electric vehicle projects include energy power, battery charging safety, charging speed, the motor costs of infrastructure related to the completeness of charge and convenience will influence the electric car in the future Pin Sales and growth.

Finally, he stressed that according to Roland? Berger has done a world of research, said electric cars to electric cars in the 2020 car sales were estimated at about 22%, the figure also reminds us once again If all of the betting on electric cars, and give up the traditional automotive technology improved, may be coming for a long time which does not meet the market. If for a point of view, through improvements in engine technology, while ignoring the development of electric technology, could mean loss of development in the future.

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