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Razor E100 – Would The Razor E100 Electric Scooter Be The Top Electric Scooter For Your Youngsters?

If you are looking for a perfect present for a child that already tried out some of the mini electric vehicles out there, then you should consider purchasing him the Razor E100. Those children who already tried an electric vehicle before will have an advantage knowing basics of riding. Unlike the other scooters, the E100 has some amazing features that allow the rider to participate in competitions and drive around your home or town for example.

If you get the Razor E100 as a gift to your child, you clearly demonstrate your trust to your child and allowing him some personal space. Designed for teens and pre-teens, the Razor E100 Electric Scooter is able to provide a feeling of freedom. Even tough it has a lot of safety measures, it can create the impression that the child is in complete control in what he is doing.

To complete the safety measures, you could also get your child some accessories, like a safety helmet, elbow protectors or kneepads. Also, along with giving your child more freedom, give them also some ideas about the general rules when riding in public spaces.

This is a good gift to give to a child that spends too much time indoors playing video games or watching TV. The relative speed of the Razor E100 makes it even more attractive. Because children at that age usually get bored pretty fast, you should try picking new locations for him to ride his scooter. However, you should be careful that you choose a flat surface, otherwise your Razor Electric Scooter will run out of batteries pretty fast.

With proper use, the Razor E100 should last nearly an hour of going on uphill and downhill paths. The front wheel is large and that makes it easier to ride through rougher terrain. In addition, it is sturdy and solid, has enough room for both his feet and, although it can reach a relative high speed to be fun, it is not a dangerous speed.

The design of the Razor E100 is suitable for girls and boys – you can choose from three different colors. Suitable for children older than eight years, it will be a great gift!

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