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Profit more battery electric cars become the core manufacturing

Electric car needs a new technology for the automotive industry Lirun provide new ways of IBM THINKPAD T61 battery of electric vehicles to occupy more positions, it takes more work, no doubt, get more profit, and this is a business and auto parts suppliers of vehicles the next battle.

In the past many years, automotive suppliers have been busy developing the car more control over, now largely covered 75% of the cost of vehicle development, however, the trend of interest must make the vehicle you want at all costs Qi Ye reverse this trend, but is now in full swing for the development of electric vehicles, to examine the development of technology, no doubt, will become the focus of contention between the two sides.

"For electric vehicles, the companies are relatively large part of the motor without a gearbox, also banned, added an electric motor and most importantly – battery. The French electrical parts maker Valeo development departments Henri vehicle Trintignac people said.

"Suppose that a monopoly supplier of electric motors, electronics and battery production companies manufacturing vehicles in the cost of a car share grow from 25% to 10%, do not think you can accept the situation."

Renault – Nissan CEO Carlos – Ghosn is the battery electric vehicles to become "the core of the entire electric vehicle manufacturers."

On the cost of manufacture of electric vehicles is expected to vary, but a more coherent view of the battery electric vehicle will occupy third of production costs or even half of GDP.

next year the road Nissan electric vehicle early will be available in Europe, while the Kangoo Renault Fluence and will be available after a few months.

Ghosn ended in 2020, electric cars could account for the entire industry, 10% of new vehicle sales, however, many other apparently more cautious estimates. Estimates from analysts at HSBC will be responsible for electricity market share of vehicles from 4.5% of the car.

In last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Ghosn said: "We do not trust others, go to independent producers (drums). For other vehicle manufacturers to provide the HP PAVILION ZT3000 Battery is not a problem."

Nissan wants an independent producer of vehicle batteries, and many companies had to rely on cars and professional providers of joint ventures, relying on their complex and specialized technical skills necessary to develop the gold mine.

Nissan, NEC Corporation of Japan have jointly developed for the hatchback LEAF lithium-ion, while Germany’s Daimler currently has over the Chinese battery maker BYD to cooperate.

Battery maker Saft company CEO, John – Sevilla, said some manufacturers have begun to consider from the supplier to recover something.

Barclays Capital analyst Christina agreed to accept the car manufacturers will not be completely certain technologies, "monopoly supplier." "I think they (the manufacturers), of course, want to make sure they have some control over development."

"They do not want to outsource simply because they know that sometime in the future technology will be key to winning and the core." She added.

It is also preferred because the vehicle through joint ventures or business partners to maintain some control over the technology, while the high initial investment would be more electric vehicles for suppliers will be a profitable ventures and not just the project. Christina continue their analysis.

Sevilla warn that companies are vehicles to overthrow the existing system, the process of developing new fields is full of difficulties, particularly in relation to the complex cellular technology.

"According to the Western model, as well as engines and gearboxes, almost all of the key components are the vehicle of auto parts companies acquired."

"We think this is a lot of Western car manufacturers will still followed in the model, because it certainly is simpler, that does not require large investments."

IHS Global Insight analyst, said Tim, in view of an electric vehicle parts and components for many companies and vehicle supplier relations will occur between the "dramatic" changes.

"The electric car market includes not only the batteries and electric motors, lighting, heating and air conditioning systems all of which must meet one of the best system optimization." Thus, while cost-effective control technology, but the risk of sober consciousness is also important, particularly investment in Dell INSPIRON E1505 battery technology early.

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