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Policy of gradual implementation of new energy vehicles frequent electric car unveiled – new energy

quot Hey you noticed that this year 39 s auto show almost every booth has a car with a 39 tail 39 of the car quot This is a friend of the author read it again in the rough auto show the summary sentence He said the quot tail car quot is the big stand then plug wire Electric cars Show in the past new Energy Aspect car is no shortage but in this show the new energy vehicles in the performance of electric vehicles is to get out of hand Auto Show from the current direction of development of new energy vehicles of view they are invariably move towards practical While it is not As for new energy vehicles will replace traditional Car But they are rapidly close the distance with consumers at least the price has a considerable advantage Qi Rui Ruiqi M1 electric cars prices may be lower than 100 000 yuan Great Wall Motor is committed to building the most expensive of an electric car Pure electric vehicles quot Euler quot expected price of RMB 60 000 7 million quot At present the technology is no problem only large market not mature and needs a series of national policy planning introduction quot This is a Chinese auto company in the answer quot bottleneck of the development of new energy vehicles quot most frequent reply The development of new energy vehicles will no longer be the policy framework has been gradually implemented in the reality In the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan which was proposed as a breakthrough new energy vehicles strengthen independent innovation and nurture their own brands create new competitive advantages to form a 500 000 in hybrid electric charge and the general type of hybrid and other new Energy automobile production capacity But this is clearly not enough Industrial and automotive background information Miao Wei vice minister of the early admits the electric car industry in charge of infrastructure construction purchase price difference official vehicles road access and parking concessions priority areas there is a larger space to encourage support Government in these areas is necessary to give more subsidies and policy support At the auto show scene we can see that the public focus on the most popular models usually rare in luxury cars and the popular economy cars while popular in the media industry and journalists favor on a new energy vehicles the Shaorenwenjin For example in Nissan 39 s booth Li Wei Qi up to the more popular models such as the market attracted a large audience according to Nissan booth Sell Consultants presented the public launch date is only half a day and had received no fewer than 100 spectators consultation which obviously have the will to buy more than 20 By contrast Nissan introduced the focus of electric cars are obviously more NUVU deserted With his wife and children look at auto show said Mr Lin the impression that the new energy vehicles remains relatively distant quot concept car quot quot and even really buy electric cars where future recharge it quot I found that the lack of hardware facilities not only scares away potential buyers car manufacturers are also facing a major bottleneck In fact this year 39 s Shanghai auto show new energy vehicle called a quot bumper year quot not only display the number of new energy vehicles more than the previous and the technology is more mature than the show over the years This year 39 s auto show in nearly 10 new models to determine energy production but the car enterprises themselves but also the threshold of these models is one of universal access

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