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Mountain View luxury cars: BMW teases electric prototype

The auto industry is changing, and engine technology is leading the way. This year marks an historic one for the auto industry; with the launch of several electric vehicles, it seems like it will be hard for Mountain View luxury cars to keep up. Fortunately for us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that could develop into a game-changing innovation, one that will help the shifting dynamic in engine technology burst forward into the progressive driving future. The first cars in the industry to employ electric engines, specifically the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, will roll out to test the waters on how consumers will react to the new engines. Hopefully for us, this will be a key factor in the development of electric technology at your Stevens Creek BMW dealer.

It certainly will be. In fact, BMW has revealed that the development of such technology is already underway and should be ready to launch by 2013. That’s only three years into the future, and Mountain View luxury cars will never be the same. The development of this new car stems back to 2007, when BMW launched Project i, an initiative that was created to develop cars for more urban areas. We didn’t know when this was launched whether it was just a front to appear ‘green’ or it was a sincere effort to pull through on better engine tech – but now we know that it was indeed sincere. The fact is that the German automaker, one of the most popular and well loved on the face of the planet, especially among luxury car enthusiasts, has already developed the technology it plans to launch in 2010. Your Stevens Creek BMW dealer is extremely excited for that day.

According to BMW spokespersons, the general beliefs among the engineers is that electric power is going to be a sustainable form of power that will cut back heavily on engine emissions. Pretty soon, it looks like all Mountain View luxury cars will come equipped with this sort of technology, with BMW leading the way in the revolution. The nice thing about this is that BMW obviously has faith in the technology, even though they will create a sub-brand. The sub-brand will reflect the BMW brand in an effort to unite the technology under the popular luxury driving company’s umbrella. But is this innovation or necessity? Maybe a little bit of both. The engineers over at BMW believe that developing electric cars is necessary to the survival of the company. There are still skeptics out there, who aren’t sure how expensive it will be to start launching charging stations across the country. But your Stevens Creek BMW dealer is pretty excited for the launch of battery power.

Well, here we are again: another huge development in automotive engineering that is poised to continue the progression of the industry. It’s time again to tip our hats to BMW, a brand that we’ve oft tipped our hats to in the past.

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