Electric Vehicles

Make Your Car a Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Have you ever thought about getting an electric car? I sure have, but they are so much money. Not one I found, that I actually liked, was under $20,000. It’s insane, having to spend so much more when you are trying to save the environment or save on gas: D. For me it was mostly the gas thing, I liked the idea of just plugging my car in at night and being able to wake up in the morning ready to go. All hope was lost after I found out I couldn’t afford any car, but those tiny little things. Thankfully I am a prescriber to a national science magazine and one month I was a lot more thankful than others for receiving my monthly issue. Reason being, in the magazine there was an article about a gas motorcycle being converted to electricity for practically nothing. It was amazing, a slightly modified engine, and a few batteries. Then all you had to do is plug it in, let it charge, and go anywhere you want (before your batteries die, ha). Still intrigued, I decided to search the web to see how this was done. I quickly found multiple websites all offering to teach you how to do it, it wasn’t that complicated to learn. They all wanted me to purchase their guide though, at first I didn’t want to and looked for another solution. I took my car to a shop that offered to make the conversions their self, but they were asking $3,000, and I didn’t want to spend that on my 1996 Malibu. So I decided to purchase a guide I found here world-web-reviews.net and to my surprise converting my car was WAY less than the shop offered, definitely cheaper than a new car. For anyone wanting a hybrid, or pure electric car, but not wanting to fork over the cash, I recommend looking up how to convert it yourself.

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