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Click to see more exciting information Fundamental change in the motor structure, the new R & D competition has begun. The source is a laundry dryer. “Magnet magnetic variable”, “coil circuit to switch,” “There are two rotors,” and so on, all motors have an unprecedented debut. Born to wash them off and dehydration as the representative power and mute competition. These new motors in the future would seem to promote electric cars, etc. Other Motor development related areas. “We challenge the motor’s closed,” a source said Toshiba appliances. Appliances Motor areas are currently using a new wave of innovation. Especially in the laundry dryer motors improved with remarkable results. Toshiba Home Appliances (ToshibaHomeAppliances) for sale in the fall of 2009 in 2010, new models, on the practical application of the changes to magnet magnetic “variable magnetic motor.” Permanent magnet by magnetic force to produce change, while achieving a low-speed rotation and high-speed rotation of the motor characteristics of switching. “Researchers said the machine, a motor,” in an unprecedented wide range of areas to improve motor speed characteristics are very deep interested in research and development direction. ” Currently committed to improved motor technology manufacturers, Toshiba is not the only appliances that one. Hitachi Appliances (HitachiAppliances) will also rotate in the low and high-speed rotation features can be changed, the coil can switch between series and parallel “loop switch”-type motor, with new models in 2010, the laundry drying machine . Japan’s Matsushita (Panasonic) company to improve operating efficiency, but also from the 2008 models began to “double-rotor” motors used in laundry dryer. Appliance maker in the highly competitive business environment, forced to launch new products every year. Therefore, in order to wash, dehydration, and energy-saving, quiet effect, leading to other manufacturers, companies are rushing to develop a new structure of the motor. These new motors, not only would other household appliances, also may be electric vehicles or electric Motorcycle Motor research and development and other great effects. Especially in the rapidly expanding market demand, the motor aspects of electric vehicles, and laundry drying machine, similar to various all want to develop from low speed to high speed rotation can achieve high efficiency drive motors. Washing and dehydration characteristics of different motor Washing machine washing and dehydration in the time required for the motor characteristics are different. Washing, the need to become so heavy because of waterlogged clothes in the laundry chute fast? Turn, so it is necessary to maintain the low speed high torque rotation. On the other hand, in dehydrated by centrifugal force when you need to throw water washing things, so they need high-speed rotation. Claim under the washing machine manufacturers, washing torque required is about 6 times during dehydration, but dehydration was required for washing when the speed is about 30 times. Up to the 1990s, the motor is through reduction gear to ensure that low-speed rotation features. Recently, however, the evolution of consumer demand for washing machines have also changed. For example, in the couple while working families, the increasing need for a good quiet effect, you can wash clothes at night laundry dryer. Therefore, it is not used in the past that must have been through the gears, resulting in large noise of the motor, while the use of a single motor for laundry trough direct drive directly rotating

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