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Intersil introduced lithium battery hybrid fuel and electric vehicles program

Global high-performance analog mixed-signal semiconductor design and manufacturing leader Intersil Corporation (Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol: ISIL) today announced the HEV / EV system solution, the solution is equipped with automotive-grade lithium-ion battery management system and security monitor. Intersil products based on the market for portable electronics to provide superior long history of battery management devices, automotive-grade (AEC-Q100) ISL78600 multiple battery solutions specifically designed and tested to meet hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and electric car market in the security,rare earth metal powder, reliability and performance requirements.

To meet stringent security requirements the automotive market, Intersil’s HEV / EV solutions to ensure customers comply with ISO26262 (ASIL) specification, to prevent battery failure. The solution also provides all of the major internal functions of the built-in fault detection and can detect external faults, such as line break, over-voltage and low voltage, and temperature and battery balancing problems.

ISL78600 battery management system for the accurate state of charge measurement to provide the required high precision, thus extending the mileage vehicles and high-performance lithium-ion battery life. To do this,Erbium metal price, each ISL78600 device uses a 14-bit data conversion temperature compensated, which can be scanned at 250 microseconds to 12 channels. Currently, the general medium-HEV vehicles 126-168 batteries,Erbium metal powder, which can be equipped with 11-14 per vehicle ISL78600 to resolve. External temperature sensor with the combination of the four, ISL78600 in the entire operating temperature range of the battery state of charge measurement to provide a high accuracy.

In order to communicate within the system to the highest possible reliability, ISL78600 high noise immunity and transient fault-tolerant communication mechanism. The fully differential architecture allows daisy-chain multiple twisted pair using low-cost batteries stacked together, while preventing the hot and high transient voltage. Intersil HEV / EV system solution can significantly reduce the advantages of battery management system, the overall cost.

ISL78600 allows 2.5MHz SPI or 400KHz I2C interface, easy connection to a microcontroller, and can be -40? C to 105? C operating temperature range. In addition, although for HEV / EV market,Erbium metal powder supplier, Intersil solution also can be easily adjusted to fit the industry and spare battery applications.
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