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Huge Lifetime Savings With Residential Solar Electric Power

Homeowners across the United States are enjoying green energy tax credits from the government for upgrading their homes and vehicles to become more energy efficient. These upgrades include energy efficient windows, hybrid and electric vehicles, and installing residential solar electric power on a home.

For an $80,000 solar power system, tax breaks will come out to around $35,000, lowering the price of a residential solar electric power system to $45,000. While that price rightfully seems high, consider that that system will pay for itself within 10-12 years and provide tens of thousands of dollars in net savings over its life.

Green Initiative

Actually, there are a number of solar power technologies. The two most popular are electrical and heating systems. Obviously, electrical systems power homes, while heating systems provide hot water and not only heat homes but can also, surprisingly, cool them as well.

Residential solar electric power has a high upfront cost but can completely eliminate the need to purchase electricity from the power company. Initiatives in states like California provide big tax breaks to homeowners that go green. Not only are there economic benefits, from the environmental benefits are also immense.

Residential solar electric power is, without a doubt, the cleanest and most efficient renewable resource we can begin using right now. While many folks will need to wait for the prices to fall further, millions of us can now afford to install such systems on our homes.

Even if you don’t believe that global warming and climate change exist, it’s hard to look at a smoke stack and think that the world would not be a better place without that pollution. As such, residential solar power costs are such that the systems pay for themselves within a few years and protect the environment indefinitely. It’s cheaper and better for the environment, so where is the downside?

Just looking at companies like Google go green with solar panels and other green upgrades to their facilities, it’s impossible not to see that solar power is going to play a huge part in our energy future. The technology is there, and it’s improving.

Old concerns of cost and inefficiency are being dealt with decisively by the scientific community, simply so we can live healthier lives without air pollution in the same climates that we’ve enjoyed for millennia. Residential solar electric power might be years away from becoming the standard, but you can save yourself tens of thousands of dollars by upgrading today.

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