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Gas 2 Electric Review: Drive 10,000 Miles Per Year For Less Than $200 In Fuel?

The Gas2Electric guide is designed to show how to convert a small gasoline powered car into a non-polluting, low maintenance, all electric vehicle in only a month. This electric car conversion is designed to cost about $1.00 for a single charge and provide a range of up to 100 miles.

About The Author

The author, George Christodoulou, describes himself as an environmental activist since the 1970s. He has participated in fund raisers and protests as well as authoring articles on electric cars and global warming.

What Comes With The Gas2Electric Package

The Gas2Electric package comes with the following ebooks, (electronic books that can be instantly downloaded from the internet for viewing or printing directly from your computer):

Ebook 1: Gas2Electric Electric Vehicle Conversion Manual – 41 pages

Bonus Ebooks:
Ebook 2: Electric Car Parts Secret Guide
Ebook 3: Build a Long Range Hybrid Trailer
Ebook 4: Buy a Car With No Credit
Ebook 5: Run Your Car On Water
Ebook 6: Save Money On Car Repairs

What You Will Learn

1. Skills Needed
2. Why Drive an Electric Vehicle
3. Type Of Car Used In Conversion
4. Tips For Your Conversion
5. Guide To Batteries
6. Tools Needed
7. Supplies For The Conversion
8. Parts Needed
9. Precautions
10. Beginning The Conversion
11. Installing The Motor
12. Installing The Components
13. Installing The Battery Box
14. Wiring Your Vehicle
15. Driving Your Vehicle
16. Glossary

What Building Skills Are Required

While you don’t need to possess the experience and instincts of a seasoned auto mechanic it would be helpful if you are somewhat comfortable with simple home and auto maintenance projects as well as reading electrical schematic diagrams.

What Tools Will You Need

Most of the tools required to convert a gas powered car into an electric one are common to a typical handy homeowner’s workbench: wrenches, socket set, screw drivers, hammer, electric drill etc.

Some of the tools needed are less common but easily available to buy or rent: jigsaw, welder, portable hoist and a small grinder. A more complete listing is available in the Gas2Electric manual.


60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee


The price is $49.97 USD.

Bottom Line

The good news is that Gas4Electricity was written by a man that appears to have actually converted gas cars to electric instead of just writing about the work of others.

This guide is uneven in it coverage of the major topics. For example, a 10 page section on batteries types is interesting but somewhat overdone and yet another critical chapter on installing the motor contains only one page and has no illustrations.

The writing contains lots of long paragraphs with run-on sentences that result in a tedious read. A serious lack of photographs and other illustrations make some of the written descriptions confusing and incomplete.

The bottom line is that while technically all of the major topics are covered but, in actuality only a seasoned mechanic will be able to read between the lines and build this project. Other plans on the market do a far better job in guiding the reader through the process.

It is for these reasons that I cannot recommend the Gas 2 Electric Vehicle Conversion plans.

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