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Four Edyne Electric Trucks Go to Lowell National Historic Park

The Lowell National Historic Park has been a long lasting establishment for the area, preserving a small piece of nature for families and individuals to enjoy all year round. The park has extended its commitment to the environment though by purchasing four eco friendly electric turcks from the GreenGo Tek Company (GGT Electric). These were from the Edyne line of electric trucks and vans the company has to offer, which are entirely electric and made simply to get you from point A to point B. A long trusted name in electric vehicles, this manufacturer was the perfect match for the park, and together, the two are continuing to make efforts to minimize the human footprint on the earth.
The Edyne vehicles are not exactly built to speed across the tracks, but their 25 mph top ends are perfect for the slow paced nature of the park. They provide superior alternatives to golf carts, small tractors, and similar riding vehicles you might see on large properties. They are sleek, stylish, sufficient, and simple to use. Anyone can operate one, assuming it has been left to charge for awhile. The vehicles can run for eight to ten hours at a time when they are charged, making them perfect for a full day of work.
The Edyne vehicles that the park bought are just the start of great things to come for both the park and GGT. Both parties are hoping that other parks in the area will take up the same idea and buy electric trucks or vans to be used in their facilities. This could be just the beginning as the world slowly turns away from polluting gasoline and other fuels that end up hurting our environment in the long run. Parks worldwide could certainly learn a thing or two from this example.
You should make a trip to Lowell Park if you can just to see the Edyne trucks in action. If everything goes well, they may become the new standard vehicles for the park, soon to be ordered in a fleet if the demand is there. In the mean time, GGT will still be producing these vehicles for other companies and consumers to use on a regular basis. They have not halted production in any way and plan on launching many new and even more innovative vehicles for the future. Just stay tuned for that.

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