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Ford Electric Cars

With the concern of global warming and excessive pollution hazards that cars cause to the environment, consumers today are becoming more conscious and so are the car manufacturers around the world. Car manufacturers are focusing their attention towards the production of full-electric vehicles and hybrid models that are more eco friendly and can stay away from negative impacts on the environment.

Ford Motor Company is working on development plans that can bring in more eco friendly vehicles on roads – especially North America, that can stay for years. In the effort of giving loyal consumers an alternative to fuel efficient cars, they have promised to bring out 5 full- hybrid and electric vehicle models in Europe by the year 2013.

This initiative is a part of Ford’s development plans to bring in global electric vehicles, which will a great amount of pollution by reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Consumers though realize the need to protect the environment by seeking an alternative to vehicle gas emission, the idea of Hybrid and full – electric cars are still an abstract perception in the minds of many. According to a recent study by consumer reports, people prioritize the need for full performance and price when they look for a new car. Another consideration among people in buying electric vehicles is the accessibility to stations for charging electricity. People are more likely to buy these vehicles if they know that charging is not a matter of concern at all.

Ford However is in the initiative to fulfill a vision of providing wide range of high performance fuel efficient vehicles that are eco-friendly.

John Fleming, Chairman and CEO – Ford of Europe stated in a press release that new advanced technology vehicles is Ford’s answer to the commitment of providing a portfolio of alternate power vehicles globally.

The Transit Connect Electric is the first full-electric car launched from the house of Ford. This is a compact van that can be used by workers to carry cargo. The strategy of charging these vehicles are accomplished by installing a charging station at the work house of employees so that they can charge their vehicles before starting with their daily route trips.

This vehicle has:

  • 40 KW, 300-volt Siemens electric motor.
  • Lithium-ion battery to charge the vehicle for an estimate of 120,000 miles in total.
  • Needs 6 to 8 hours to fully charge the vehicle.
  • At 80 mile range, the vehicle is said to be smooth and quiet as a feather.
  • The Ford Focus Electric is the next full-electric car that will be releasing in 2012.
  • The vehicle will be fully powered by lithium-ion batteries and brings in a zero emission. The target range reaches a hundred miles with a 200 volt outlet.
  • This modern vehicle has a handy interface which notifies the driver on the charging status of the vehicle.
  • 6-8 hours charging time.
  • Handy battery status interface.

Ford plans to launch two versions of full-electric cars by 2013. They are the:

1. C-MAX-a hybrid version

2. C-MAX – plug-in hybrid version

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