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Electric Vehicles to Go Live

It would seem that Ford continues to be on track to launch their first zero-emission full battery-electric vehicles and have decided to participate in the UK Government’s “Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator” programme to benefit a little beforehand. The programme is being set in London initially, where a group of experienced drivers will be the first to experience Ford’s zero emissions technology with the Transit Connect Electric Light vehicle. The drivers will go through a rigorous familiarisation and training programme to ensure that useful data can be produced under safe, realistic operating conditions.

The first full battery-electric vehicle to be launched by Ford will be in 2011 with the Transit Connect Electric light commercial vehicle. This vehicle is based on the award winning Transit Connect Light commercial vehicle, the Electric version will successfully omit zero emission, is purely electric powered and features a state of the art lithium ion battery pack with a capacity of 28kWh. The battery will be fully charged in under 10 hours using a household 230 volt electricity supply. It will have a top speed of 75mph and a range of 80 miles, max torque of 280 Nm and max power 55k W.

The fleet of Transit Connect electric cars is being developed with the help of public funding from the UK Governments Technology Board which is there to promote innovative industry led projects which reduce CO2 and will benefit the countries transport system.

Joe Greenwell, Ford of Britain chairman, said: “There is increasing interest among our customers for electrified vehicles and we are responding by stepping up our efforts to bring these models to the marketplace alongside our latest-generation, fuel-efficient petrol and diesel powered models. Ford is looking forward to working with its project partners on developing this market for electric vehicles both in the UK and Europe”

After the Transit Connect Electric light commercial vehicle is launched in 2011, Ford plan to introduce the next generation Ford Focus Electric in 2012 and then in 2013, a hybrid and a plug in hybrid derivative of the all new C-MAX plus another hybrid electric model will follow.

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