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Electric Golf Carts for Work and Leisure

Since the first one was custom built in 1932, electric golf carts have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation not only on golf courses, but in residential communities, amusement parks, retirement communities and even high schools. They were the first electric vehicles mass produced for private use, and are frequently used in communities where pollution, noise or safety are issues of concern. Electric golf carts are available in a wide range of styles, and are used to transport from one to six people. They are used mainly for short distances, and at speeds around or less than 15 miles per hour. The average size is four by eight by six feet, and weigh from 900 to 1000 pounds. Prices vary widely and are affected by many factors. The largest factor is no doubt whether the cart is new or used, but elements such as intended use -such as whether it is being purchased for a golf course or country club- can make a difference, as well. Other factors include equipment requirements, number of people it must be able to transport, and any modifications you would like to make to it. Modifications typically include things like windshields, ball cleaners, lift kits, cooler trays, and upgrading the motor or speed controller. For those in the golf business who consider golf carts to be nonessential indulgences, let me remind you that for those hours that you are not with your customers, your golf cart is. If a complaint arises, you are not there to diffuse it or correct it, so it seems like a wise idea to me to do everything you can to ensure that there will be no complaints, while you are there or not. So if you are looking to invest in a new fleet, your foremost thought should most likely be your customers’ comfort, safety and enjoyment. If the answer to those demands can also profit the owner and make the manager’s life easier, well, you have hit the jackpot. Quite literally, in fact. New carts for your course can greatly increase your revenue. Don’t believe me? You will be able to drive rounds even if the tee sheet is full, so you have more happy customers bringing in more revenue. If the cart has a display, you can advertise higher margin products and services in the cart itself. You will be able to remind golfers of specials and promotions as they come to the end of their round, and it is easier to ensure return visits as you can suggest pre-booking the next tee-time as they finish this one. There are many cart manufacturers, but some of them stand putter and iron above the rest. One such company is Club Car. Club Car is located in Augusta, Georgia, and provides a wide range of gasoline and electric golf carts. They lead the pack when it comes to carts and especially luxury upgrades. Club Cars also feature Visage mobile golf information system. This advanced program is able to help you keep track of your carts at all times, protect sensitive areas of the course and more. A marshal’s screen allows the marshal to have a view of the entire course- every cart and every hole- so nothing escapes notice. Carts are connected to the system, and you will know immediately if there is a problem or breakdown, and can send a message directly to the cart or get help there quickly. If you have worries about vandalism, Visage is a necessity. With Guardian SVC, you can place the entire fleet on “lockdown” mode and all carts are rendered completely immobile. Another top choice is Columbia ParCar. Since 1946, Columbia ParCar has been producing both gas and electric golf carts, and that is a history you can’t shake a club at. The corporation owns and operates a number of small vehicle manufacturing activities that used to be run by companies like Harley Davidson and Westinghouse Electric Corporation. In 2000, Columbia added a Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV’s) line, which is quickly gaining popularity in communities and neighborhoods. Columbia is based out of Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Columbia ParCar provides unique, distinctive products that are customizable to you or your company. Gone are the days of hard plastic seats; in a Columbia cart, the easily accessible controls, adjustable seats and superior suspension make you feel as if you are just kicking back in your favorite chair. Stability is ensured through the low center of gravity, tuned steering, and an incredibly stable wheelbase.

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