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Electric Cars Kits – What’s the Cheapest Way to Convert Your Car?

People everywhere are frustrated because they want electric cars, but the few electric cars that are available are way too expensive. A lot of folks are taking matters into their own hands and doing electric car conversions themselves. It’s not hard to do. There are plenty of electric cars kits, or manuals, that you can buy on the internet.

What is an electric car conversion? It’s when you remove the internal combustion engine from your gas vehicle and replace it with an electric motor that runs on batteries. When you’re finished, you’ll have a zero-emissions car that’s much cheaper to drive than a vehicle powered by gasoline.

Performing a conversion is a good way to boost the resell value of your car. And did you know that electric cars don’t break down as much, or need as much maintenance as gas-powered cars? That’s because electric engines have fewer moving parts. The only expense is the batteries, which you’ll need to change every few years.

In order to do a conversion, you’ll need an electric car conversion kit. Some are quite expensive because they come with parts. Others don’t include parts, but are detailed sets of instructions that show you exactly how to set everything up and do the conversion. Many of these electric cars kits tell you how to get most of the tools and parts you need cheaply, sometimes even for free.

Many kits can be downloaded right over the internet. Some come with video instruction as well. These kits usually cost anywhere from $30 – $50.

When you’re done converting your car, it should be able to go 100 miles on a single charge and travel up to 50 mph. Another benefit is that you’ll receive generous rebates from the state and federal governments for driving an electric vehicle.

“It’s clear that society is headed down this road,” said the executive chairman of Ford Motors recently. But you don’t need to wait. Electric cars kits are accessible to everyone right now. It’s easy to download a kit and start building your own electric car today!

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