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Electric Car Conversion – How To Make Your Electric Car In The Right Way?

Electric car conversion is one of the much discussed topics on internet these days because people are more concerned about the environment and also want to save their fuel costs. Riding an electric car has many other benefits as well. These cars attract a very good discount on taxes in most countries and are not restricted entry to anywhere due to pollution issues.

But many people do not know where to start the conversion for an electric car. If you already have a gasoline car, it can be a good choice to perform such a conversion but not always. Rarely, it can be a good idea to change your car to a good donor car so that you can maximize the benefits from the conversion. There are five important tips for you to follow;

1. The Donor Car– For an effective EV (electric vehicle) conversion, your donor car is very important because you are going to remove the engine that will be replaced with an electric motor and other accessories. It is important to choose a car that has been converted by companies many times or the ones to which readymade electric conversion kits are easily available. This will help you to reduce the hassles related to workmanship. For beginners, a compact car is the best choice.

2. AC or DC System– DC systems are very affordable, even if you hire a professional conversion company to do the task. However, AC systems usually cost you a lot, probably twice of a DC system of the same specification. AC engines are more sophisticated and can cover a farther distance. However, an inexpensive DC system with more batteries may cover the same distance that an AC motor can, that also at a lower cost.

3. Battery Weight– If you choose a small car, finding the right place to fit all your batteries is very important because uneven weight can cause poor drivability. Similarly, too many batteries in a small car may not provide you the right amount of power.

4. The Running Range– One important thing about EVs are that you can drive a car that has a 70 mile range only up to 50 miles because nobody wants to drain the charge in the car batteries and get stuck on a freeway. To avoid such situations, the best thing to do is stick to a driving range that is safe. So, if you want to travel 30 miles a day, go for a car that can cover 50 miles.

5. The Right Kit– Choosing the right kit for your car is very important but this can be done easily with a professional EV conversion company. They will guide you how to choose the right product for your car.

These are the five important steps that you should know about EV conversions. With the right battery setup on the right car, you can have a trouble free ride for many years.

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