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Electric Car Blueprints And The Initial Step To Converting Your Car To Run on Electricity

If you are considering converting your vehicle to run on electricity, your initial step would be to acquire a set of electric car blueprints. Most generic car models can easily be retrofitted to run on electric. With global crude on prices rising to a new height, local gasoline prices have shot through the roof. Many car owners are thinking of using alternative energy source to power their car. One option is to convert their conventional car into an Electric Vehicle (EV). Unfortunately, to modify a car into an EV by a professional would cost upwards of $4000. The investment seems very high for most people. Surprisingly, many people are converting their car to electric at home and you can do so too. What you will need is a Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car blueprints. This article will provide some information on the subject.

The technology of a car running on electricity is quite simple. Think of an electric golf cart. Golfers have been driving an electric vehicle when they teed off at the green. The idea is to replacement of the internal combustion engine with an electric motor. Most modern DC motors are powerful enough to accelerate a car to a high speed. By using the blueprints, all of the existing drive train of the car such as transmission, clutch, and drive shaft can still be used. The power needed to supply to the motor is to be delivered by a series of lead flooded acid batteries. The number of batteries needed for the conversion will depend of the horsepower of the motor, the net weight of the car and how far you want to drive the EV per charge. Finally, the entire system is connected to a central circuit control board. The circuit board will monitor the motor, the batteries status and also acts as a cut off switch if there is a problem.

If you are not familiar with the electrical and mechanical system of a car, all these information would sound like Greek to you. In this case, you should ask a mechanic to do the conversion for you. To reduce the modification cost, you should source all the parts needed in the blueprints by yourself. To do so, you should at least have some basic knowledge on the science behind electric car conversion process. You can do this by purchasing numerous EV modification books from the web.

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