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Electric Bus Explosion

With the arrival of President Obama’s grants to universities for electric vehicle curriculums, Warren Buffett’s $230 million investment in BYD and Google’s experimentation with managing the charging systems of electric vehicles, it’s becoming clear that there’s no shortage of news on this astonishing new form of transportation.
It is now time to learn about the next vehicle in this family you’ll be hearing more about in the not-so-distant future: the electric bus! Businesses all across the world are competing against one another, racing to see who will be the first to create electric bus technology they can take to the marketplace. Currently, the technology actually exists but it is cost-prohibitive – but it’s just a matter of time until this changes. In fact, it is estimated that, all things being equal, the electric bus will be the wave of the future, especially when experts estimate that the cost of maintenance for municipal buses could be reduced by as much as 85%. Can you imagine the savings a city or state government could realize… not to mention the fuel savings!
The continued “green” movement will continue to gain momentum as years go by. Think about it… much of America’s northeast relies on transportation other than their own vehicles, such as subways, taxis and – most of all – buses! Furthermore, the world is increasingly looking for ways to decrease carbon dioxide emissions. This makes electric bus research a natural fit in the big picture of things.
Industry researchers are expecting there will be a 5% increase each year in the bus market all the way through until 2012. With expected increases in the bus market for years to come, Electric Car Company believes that creating electric buses competitive in price would provide local and state municipalities with dependable, environmentally friendly transportation that will serve them well for many years to come. This will also strategically position ELCR to tap into the specially allocated $28 billion stimulus package for transit and highway projects set aside earlier this year by President Obama.
This should not be ignored… when you take the time to look for it, you’ll see for yourself that the automotive sector is quickly moving toward electric solutions!


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