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Do Your Own Electric Car Conversion

Electric vehicles are nothing new. They’ve been around since before I was born and that makes them really historical. As a boy I remember milk and bread delivery men using them instead of the hand push carts they used to haul.
There have been various types of battery operated vehicles around since the 1800s but nowadays we talk about the electric car like it’s some brand new invention. It’s not. It’s just the technology has got a bit better and they produce flashy looking vehicles that cost a lot of money.
It’s a sad reflection on technological achievement that over so many decades nobody has yet developed a really super battery that can handle a heavy load for longer. All electric cars still need to be charged quite regularly though they do have a range that is convenient for most motorists.
With the latest petrol and electric hybrids you don’t have to worry but they are, after all, not totally electric cars.
An all electric car is fine driven within its confines but you don’t have to buy one. You can convert your existing vehicle with a DIY electric car kit.
 Professional conversions cost $3000 or more but DIY totals about $300.
With no fuel bills or pulling in at service stations any more you soon get your money back. It costs about $1 to charge your car from your electric plug at home. You can travel up to 100 miles (160.9 km) on a simple charge. And don’t think electric cars are slow. You will get up to 55mph (88.5 kph)
The DIY conversions are quick to do and require no special mechanical knowledge. All you need is a DIY manual. Conversions can be done on any type of vehicle in any country.
There are various manuals on the market but the one I like best is by environmentalist Peter Millward who has personally converted numerous cars. His whole family drives electric cars.
To help the environment he is currently offering his 40-page manual for under $50, which I think, is the cheapest manual currently available. It also comes with numerous bonuses and a money-back guarantee.
As well as being totally clean for the world environment, electric cars help reduce noise pollution. They are quiet running and their lower maximum speeds – compared to current conventional cars – could mean less road deaths and accidents if more people had them.
Future advances in technology may see even greater improvements in environmentally friendly road vehicles but meanwhile it’s not a bad deal – save money and save the environment.

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