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Delray Nissan dealers urge customers to consider electric LEAF

We’ve all heard the buzz about the Nissan LEAF and how it is a wonderful alternative to paying high fuel costs. We also know that the electric infrastructure is still in development and that charging a car like this in many areas of the country could be a challenge.
However, states with tighter emissions laws are working with auto makers to put a plan in place for the electric vehicles and residents of those states are the first to be offered the opportunity of owning a LEAF. Northlake Nissan Maxima customers can look forward to LEAF availability soon.
For short trips, up to 30 or 40 miles round trip, the LEAF is a no brainer. You can do what needs to be done and be back home before needing a charge. Some will be fortunate enough to have a charging station at the workplace and can use LEAF for their commute. The rest of us will just have to be patient in expanding our routes.
In some areas, the LEAF is not available yet, but in the areas where it is available, you may have to be on a waiting list for a while. Yes, it’s that popular. Your Delray Nissan dealer will be more than happy to do what it takes to get you a LEAF.
There is a travel option for LEAF owners who want to fork over another $700 – which would be well worth the convenience – a fast-charging station or Quick Charge Port that uses direct current to charge the battery to 80 percent capacity in about 30 minutes.
Then there is the Nissan 220-volt home charging unit – a must-have. AT a cost of $2,200, again well worth the price, it provides a full charge in eight hours. This is the type of charge we will see in most public charging stations when they appear in our area.
When it has a full charge, the LEAF has a range of 100 miles and Northlake Nissan Maxima buyers will find that is quite a competitive number in the industry. The price is competitive as well, starting at $33,630 and it qualifies for a $7,500 tax credit and many states offer credit as well.
Right now the LEAF is being sold in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, but will be nationwide by the end of the year. Your Delray Nissan dealer can give you specifics on when the LEAF will be available for purchase.
The LEAF runs on a lithium-ion battery pack. That adds significantly to the cost of the car. But a larger pack with the ability to drive 245 miles on a single charge boosted the price of a two-seat Tesla Roadster beyond the $100,000 mark. The LEAF sounds like a bargain to me.
The LEAF also has a cool push-button start and is virtually soundless when it fires up. You have to watch for the lights on the dash to know that it’s running.

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