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Convert to Electric Car – How to Convert to an Electric Vehicle

If you choose to build your own electric car, note that the whole process is not that difficult. It is not only efficient to convert an lightweight, economy coupe into an electric car, it is also very environmental friendly! If you turn your car into an electric vehicle it may even last longer than if using a gasoline engine, however, of course, you need to take care that everything is taken care of during the conversion process and the placement and selection of components is correct. Electric car conversion kits are easily obtained, especially for those lightweight models whose motor is located in the rear such as the Volkswagen Beetle.
Converting lightweight vehicles to build your own electric car allows the owner to utilize a smaller electric motor, which is less expensive and weighs less. Likewise, the traveling range per recharge is dramatically increased in many common driving conditions.
A compact coupe or sedan is also an excellent choice to build your own electric car. Owners who need more load capacity or more room to place the batteries will find that a compact sedan is more suited to their preferences. Some of the most commonly sold EV Conversions are made using this size vehicle e.g. the latest Ford Ranger EV. A great example for an electric car conversion is the Honda Civic, the back seat has been retained, nine lead-acid flooded batteries have been placed deep inside the trunk and an additional nine batteries have been placed in the engine area. One great example of an electric car conversion is a 1987 model Mitsubishi Tredia; the batteries were placed above the floorspace in the trunk and the batteries were sealed and externally vented.

The latest available in conversions will let you drive up to 40 miles compeltely on electricity; after 40 miles the gasoline fueled engine turns on and recharges the batteries. By replacing the nickel-metal hydride variety of batteries and by putting in another system to manage batteries this feat is accomplished.

If the conversions cause the total vehicle weight to exceed the recommended, original design weight, driving such a vehicle may be illegal. So what can you do to avoid disatsers like this? It is a good idea to increase spring rating, you should also make supsension modifications, and increase shock length. <strong>It is easy to convert your car into electric in some easy steps.</strong> <strong>You can now discover how to convert your car into electric for under $300 by reading Peter’s detailed, step-by-step manual! Go to Electricity4Gas

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