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BYD global strategic new energy expanded store-opening four continents – BYD and new energy – electr

Click to see more exciting information In Europe and the United States market, and Buffett has two top-level Mercedes-Benz Cooperation Partner Robust in much of the past two years BYD Car Recently, the field again in the new world Energy Strategy, together with Daimler-Benz signed a memorandum of understanding that “electric vehicles and create a joint research and development jointly owned car brand.” Once the two sides cooperate success in Europe and the United States market, BYD has a Mercedes-Benz, respectively, and the two Buffett the world’s top partners. Together with previously planned or under way with Israel, Australia, cooperation, that time, BYD will be on four continents and promote new energy strategy layout. New energy expanded store-opening four continents With Daimler Benz in hand before has Buffett BYD had launched an extensive co-operation and success of Sino-US energy by means of electricity supply network in the U.S. to BYD electric cars enter the U.S. market, and Expand the channels and network construction, thus opening the U.S. market. It is understood that the second half of this year, BYD plans to start selling BYD electric cars in the United States is currently the North American market launch electric car channel, network construction and recruitment of distributors and so on. This time, with Europe’s oldest car manufacturers launching of a vehicle, for the future layout of the European market and laid a good situation. Daimler Chairman of the Board (Gallery Forum) Dieter Zetsche said: “Both parties will market electric vehicles from China, the tremendous growth potential to benefit.” According to media reports, Buffett signed the week before the investment to BYD, a company called Clal Israel, investment institutions and industry signed BYD, BYD’s electric cars it imports in its domestic Sell . The same time, in January this year, the Ministry of Commerce official website also shows: BYD is working with its partners in Australia may negotiated, and hope that the Australian market in two years to fully electric cars and hybrid vehicles exported. So far, BYD’s new energy strategy has been clearly demonstrated in the framework of the global four continents! Outreach strategy to enter fast lane In the just concluded Geneva Motor Show, the new energy vehicle appearance once again focus on the focus of media attention, while BYD Auto Show in Geneva to participate as the only automobile manufacturer to bring a pure electric vehicle mode electric e6 and F3DM car, this is the first electric car e6 exhibited in Europe. “BYD new energy vehicles to enter the European market with confidence, we plan to bring dual-mode electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles F3DM e6, the fastest in 2011, landing in Europe.” Relevant responsible person said BYD Auto . All indications, BYD development of new energy vehicles will enter the fast lane, and its global deployment of strategic ambitions are revealed beyond doubt. In addition, the domestic parts of New Energy and Industrial Union to countries emerging Home Appliances Network, such as state-owned China Southern Power Grid to vigorously promote the construction of the charging station moves at present, the local governments and major automotive groups agree on the new energy automotive industry and ever-increasing, wider application of related supporting infrastructure is improving, this new energy on the current large-scale commercialization will also be a big booster.

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