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Build Your Own Electric Auto

If you are like me and and would like to have a more environmentally friendly vehicle, but do not wish to go deep into debt, there is a solution. It is now possible to build your own electric auto, this can be done using any gas powered car, the selection of a candidate car is one of thethings covered in the best selling manual of its kind, which can be found here

With dwindling oil resources and rising gas prices, electric vehicles are the way to go, and the transportation of the future. You can buy a new electric car but they are very expensive, or you can buy a used electric car, but they are also quite costly, and do you really know what you are getting? Even buying a conversion kit cost several thousand dollars, and you end up doing the work yourself anyway, so why not build your own electric auto?

This is not as difficult as most people think, and you do not have to be a professional mechanic to build your own electric auto, it is well within the reach of the average do it yourself enthusiast. You are not building a new car from the ground up, you take an existing car, remove the gas engine, exhaust system and other unneeded parts and you are ready. The best part of this approach is that it can be done for under $500.

The recommended manual contains all the information you need to know. Every thing is covered in detail, what type of cars are best, what
parts you need and where to find them, diagrams, illustrations, and schematics for the nuts and bolts of the process. It is a well written step by step guide, that takes you through the entire electric car conversion. If you are ready to build your own electric auto, then the first step is to get the best instructions available.

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