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Brazil Automobile Sector to Flourish on Hybrid Vehicle Sales

According to our latest research report “Brazil Automobile Forecast to 2013”, Brazil is one of the fastest growing automobile manufacturing markets in the world and sixth largest in terms of automobile production. On the back of strong domestic demand and government initiatives, the country’s hybrid vehicle sale has been witnessing positive growth rates for the past few years. Moreover, with huge biofuel resource base, growing acceptance of flex fuel vehicle and electric cars, the sales of flex fuel vehicles in Brazil is anticipated to post a CAGR of over 6% during 2011-2014.

Our report identifies that flex-fuel vehicles remain the most accepted vehicle segment among Brazilians due to their multi-choice of refueling system. With supportive government regulations on biofuel usage, sales of flex fuel vehicles have registered blistering growth rates during the past few years. This segment accounted for nearly 81% of the total automobile sales in 2010, and the share is anticipated to rise further in near future.

Meanwhile, Brazilian automobile industry faced decline in exports due to the appreciation of Brazilian currency in 2008, but it boosted the automobile imports. Our research indicates that the industry has been feeling marginal effects of the worldwide economic crisis, however the future remains bright in long term. This projection is based on several concrete factors that have been thoroughly discussed in the report.

Our report “Brazil Automobile Forecast to 2013”, covers various aspects of the Brazilian automobile industry, giving detail analysis of its various segments, including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, utility vehicles, two wheelers, and auto components. The report highlights current and future trends in each of these segments as well as developments in the Brazilian automobile market. Besides, we have comprehensively investigated the flex fuel vehicle industry in Brazil and based on that its future outlook has been presented. The study also evaluates the growth avenues available for the automobile market, which include motor insurance industry, automotive sensor market, Electric vehicles, etc. Lastly, the report also includes brief business profile of various industry giants present in the Brazilian automobile industry.

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