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Automotive supplies industry in 2010 what we can expect – vehicle safety, fatigue driving, fatigue d

Lead: new year, whether it is Auto Accessories The people, or carrying a lot of money is at the door ready to enter the market of the spectators, are observed, are waiting in the wings! Hero, looking back now sizable supplies in the car Explosion-proof membrane Industry, car Electronic Track development of the industry, we can find, against the backdrop of the play of their growth can not be ignored impetus. If the 10-year history as an era of such measures, then the time span in 2010, automotive supplies undoubtedly stands at a new starting point, a large picture of the future should start slowly, almost all “present” and are considered : 2010 automotive supplies industry we can expect? 2010, opening what is a era? 2010 New Deal years of car so that we may continue to see very hot in the auto market prospects. With his 2009 car in the automobile market driven products, to develop the first spurt lesson on how many employees will allow automotive supplies market in the new year, “close fight” before easing to chuckle some. Carry the dream, full of expectations, slightly a little touched in 2010, are from different levels indicates to us: the automotive supplies industry will still continue to bloom during the year! Perhaps this bloom will make us to tears. Recent success of the Copenhagen climate conference, Carbon, emissions, Environmental protection As its central theme. This has far-reaching influence began in 2009 at the end of the year 2010 and beyond convention meeting, for the entire 10 years set the tone for the global public good focus! All enterprises in the brainer, new car Energy Is no longer on paper, a new round of electric vehicles to promote a new dispute, batteries, charging stations and other accessories facilities dispute has been the “low-carbon, emission reduction, environmental protection,” such as public ideas into commercial success! 1 field related to environmental protection throughout the automotive industry chain head wave hit, but, as an industry observer, we say: the whole automotive industry chain based on public welfare, only concerned about the new energy is not enough, with equal importance, there Automotive Safety —– A date in the automotive field should never serious topic! 2010, opened an era of automotive safety! 2010, the open era of a car! 2009, China’s rigid demand for the release of the family car, time and again broken the record of car ownership in China. But with the Chinese dream of generations of car buyers are to achieve the same deterrent to people’s hearts, as well as mere lists to life at the expense of the number of traffic accidents. Originally as a vehicle to improve the quality of life, is gradually becoming lethal weapons, strangling life, and turned the blood of each of the memory of a shocking, we can not help but to find the original number of tragedies can be avoided, the number of family members, the original can not leave . According to a number of foreign insurance companies which have more than one-third of traffic accidents caused due to driver fatigue, and fatigue driving are often caused by major accidents. In China alone, due to fatigue caused by driving the number of people killed in traffic accidents reached more than 90,000, while economic losses as high as several hundred billion dollars a year, driver fatigue is up with the cars of the simultaneous expansion of the social and the great dangers of the family. Other hand, with the development of road traffic, highway accidents are also rising in number. Many riders have the experience, while driving on the highway wind and tire noise is like a lullaby, no fatigue in highway driving many people will appear sleepy and, therefore, lead to the irreparable disaster is not minority. In view of the bloody lessons, many countries do not want at all costs is committed to driving the early warning system developed fatigue. The face of so many real life cases, we have to worry about thinking, if in 2009 opened the era of the Chinese family car life, so close was the 2010 opening of China to doubt all the “car family “should pay attention to the car of the times! especially in the car very high penetration tier cities, gathered a large number of high-pressure life of a truck carrying people, tired city dwellers has become almost the norm. Therefore, the attention this car, focus driver fatigue as a public service activities to promote is not an exaggeration.

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