Electric Vehicles

Are electrical cars the future?

Changes happening day by day are more and more notorious. Worldwide nation’s main concerns are focused on the lack of oil. In these days, with current technological advances, the electric car has no future except for people who are willing to buy one of these vehicles only and exclusively for use in a city.
The electric car will be an option when we have a range of energy equal to or above than the internal combustion engine. These electrical vehicles appear to have a range of only 130 kilometers.
How an electric car should work to be useful?
1-The battery should be charged using the same time or less than what it took to fill a fuel tank. Who will be willing to wait two hours or overnight to recharge their car batteries?
2-Once fixed the problem of charging time, we should have the same access to recharge or better than what we have with gas station service stations.
3-The electric car should have same features in speed, power and comfort of vehicles we currently have.
Who is behind of this technological delay?
The image that politicians want to sell us is the picture of a sustainable economy, but if this technology was developed (not to be stagnant), the goose that lays golden eggs from the oil industry, would find its end. Now tell me, who cares?
Why not developing a hybrid car?
We can alternate petrol fuel and electric power to maintain the same driving performance. Have you ever imagined smoke-free cities?
Now picture this, if we use hybrid cars, we may use gas fuel and switch to the electrical system when needed. The fuel system could be useful for long trips while the electrical system would be useful for cities. So, when using the fuel system of the car, the batteries could be charging.
Now tell me, who is not interested? I do. Do you?

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