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6 Myths about Electric Cars

There are many reasons for which an electric car is not as popular as a conventional car in India. They are many myths that revolve around the Electric Vehicle (EV). Carazoo.com attempts to straighten the myths and give the real picture.
1. MYTH: Electric cars don’t have enough range.
FACT: REVA the only electric car in India has a range of 80 km on full charge. So this should not be a concern. The driver should keep an eye on the distance travel and make sure to recharge the battery when it is low. Moreover, it is easy to charge too.
2. MYTH: The charging infrastructure must be built before people will adopt electric cars.
FACT: Most charging can be done at home, so a public charging infrastructure isn’t a prerequisite. Still, a robust infrastructure will help, especially for apartment dwellers and those regularly driving long distances.
3. MYTH: Electric cars take too long to charge.
FACT: The REVA takes 8 hours to get fully charge. Hence, the most convenient place and time to charge is at home while you sleep. Using as 230-Volt 15-Amp outlet, the car can be left to charge overnight. Moreover, 80 per cent charge is attained in two and a half hours.
4. MYTH: Batteries will have to be replaced after a year. They are also easier to revive and are less expensive to replace.
FACT: The battery pack has a typical life of 2-3 years depending upon usage.
5. MYTH: Electric cars are high on maintenance.
FACT: the REVA does not have an engine, clutch or gears, or a carburetor, radiator, exhaust etc; hence the maintenance cost is low. Estimates show that the maintenance costs of REVA are 40% lower than that of a small car over a 3-year ownership period. Besides, the REVA has a “running cost of just 40 paisa/km.”
6. MYTH: Electric cars are too expensive for market penetration.
FACT: New technologies are always costly whether it’s an electric car or a cell phone or a DVD. Remember that the purchase and lifetime operating cost of an electric car is on par with or less than its gas-powered equivalent because electric cars require almost no maintenance or repair: no oil or filter changes, no tune ups, no smog checks.

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