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4 Electric Car Facts You Need to Know

There are four common electric car facts you need to know. This helps in deciding the kind of electric vehicle to buy if you are planning to Buy A Car. This includes the type of the vehicle, the capabilities, the availability of electrical recharging outlets, and the relationship between the purchasing cost with savings on fuel. It is better to know whether buying an electric vehicle allows you to save or not.

1. Know the Type of Electric Cars
There are two types of electric cars available in the market. The first type are vehicles with electric-powered engines and gas powered engines. The gasoline engine automatically activates when the car’s battery is drained. The other type are those with electric-powered engine only. The Chevrolet Volt has a gasoline engine and an electric powered engine. The Nissan Leaf on the other hand has a single engine powered by electricity.

2. Take Note of the Car’s Individual Capability
Take note of the unique features of each type. The Chevrolet Volt can travel 40 miles on electric-powered engine alone. The charge is consumed upon reaching this distance. The gasoline-powered engine will be activated to recharge the battery and give the car its power. The Nissan Leaf on the other hand can travel 100 miles on a single charge. The car needs to be recharged upon covering the distance. This leaves the two models confined on short distance travels.

3. Check the Availability of Car Recharging Outlets
The third electric car fact that needs to be realized is the availability of outlet for recharging. This is important since limited car power limits the distance travelled. This is very crucial especially when using a car without a gasoline engine. Once the batteries are drained there is an immediate need to look for a recharging outlet. In addition to this, the car needs to be recharged using a 220 volts supply to charge faster. These outlets are not always available. Absence of recharging outlets could cause travel inconvenience.

4. Compute the Car’s Advantages
Finally, the last essential fact worth noting is the relationship between the purchasing cost and the long-term savings earned from not using fuels. This should be considered since electric cars are very expensive. Calculating the lifetime cost of fuels when using a regular car and comparing it with the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle would aid in making choices.

Apart from the price issue, electric vehicle maintenance proves to be expensive. Battery replacement for example costs a lot of money. It is very helpful to consider these electric car facts before buying one. The choices made should offer benefits than regrets.

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