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Wilton Mercedes C-Class buyers will likely see more apps as vehicles get smarter

I’m beginning to get a little paranoid. How long will it be before my car is smarter than I am and just takes over? Will it begin scheduling my day for me and only driving me where it thinks I need to go? That sounds ridiculous, right? But between technology that allows cars to drive without drivers and apps to connect just about any system in the vehicle, we could end up like Emilio in Maximum Overdrive.
Wilton used Mercedes-Benz customers probably don’t have to worry about the machines taking over quite yet, but smartphone apps are getting more advanced every day and as they are able to control various systems in the vehicle we will have more support and more control from a distance.
One company pioneering this field is VentureBeat, which recently discussed energy-efficient products and electric cars during the GreenBeat at Stanford University. These are a few of the ideas that were thrown around.
Owners of the new Nissan Leaf will be able to view their battery remotely and know how much power they have and can easily find out where they can recharge and what it will cost. With electric car production increasing across the board, this kind of app will definitely be useful for drivers.
Another handy app will let drivers check the temperature inside their vehicles and turn on heat or air conditioning by remote. Although some may prefer to save the energy and tough it out, when you’re heading to a wedding and it’s 100 degrees (120 in the car) or you’re taking a sick child to the doctor and the car is 15 degrees, it might be worth the extra cost.Wilton used Mercedes-Benz customers will be thankful for the option.
General Motors has a similar OnStar app that will allow for battery check and climate control and also will send a message if you don’t recharge. It can also unlock the doors by remote. Wilton Mercedes C-Class owners would find such an app very convenient.
Ford has a Sync AppLink that provides for voice commands and even extends to choosing music. It’s being featured in the Ford Fiesta. Some of the apps are free for iPhones, like Coloumb’s ChargePoint, which allows users to find the nearest electric vehicle charging station. Probably not a huge help for most of us, as only select cities across the U.S. even have charging stations right now. As electric vehicle purchases increase, surely the charging options will as well.
Nokia has several things in the works for several European brands, so its technology will likely be launched there. But more apps are in the chute for many auto makers and they will be especially useful for electric car owners. Your Wilton Mercedes C-Class dealer hopes to see a Mercedes EV in the mix soon.

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