Electric Vehicles

Why do buy electric cars?

The Electric cars of the past have now come up with new innovative designs and high performance. Today’s electric cars consist of advanced lithium -ion battery technology that can be charged in a shorter period of time. The main reason that why so many people interested in electric cars is because of sky rocking price of gasoline.

Many people have started converting their vehicles to electric vehicles because of financial crises which is affecting everyone not the Americans only. Price of gas is rising high day by day that most of the people cannot afford. Moreover if we fill up the electric car regularly it would not cost more than $1.25.

In Addition, government is fully sporting ht electric cars by giving revel in the tax breaks and many other benefits that the federal and state government is providing for purchasing and using electric vehicle. To lessen the dependence on imported oil items, the government of many countries is encouraging its people to obtain electric vehicles and offers many benefits to the consumers of electric vehicle such as tax breaks and free parking and immunity from carpool lane requirements.

Go green with green cars! The gasoline powered vehicles burn fuel through internal combustion engine, produce carbon-di- oxide that remains within the environment and harms human life. Due to this global warming is increasing very rapidly. Be a contributor to save the earth by using electric cars! Electric cars are hundred percent emissions free.

LI-ion Motors Corp. (OTCBB: LMCO) is a 21st century design and engineering of emission free electric vehicle firm. LMCO – Electric cars offers a wide range of electric products and electric vehicles such as cars, trucks, scooters and many more. Li-Ion Motors have successfully converted all the non electric vehicles to full electric vehicles. LMCO offers numerous electric cars that give high performance including LiV Wave, Wise, Flash, Surge, and many more.

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