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Wheelchair Vehicle Saving Ideas

Wheelchairs and scooters give disable people great mobility and freedom; however, it doesn’t take long to realize that the ability to take their chair or scooter with them would give them more freedom and so they start their search for a wheelchair vehicle. At first glance the cost of a wheelchair vehicle might seem overwhelming and give you pause; however, there are some ideas you can use to get a wheelchair vehicle without breaking the bank.

You first need to determine if you are going to need a lift to put the wheelchair in the vehicle or if you need a lift to put you and the chair in the vehicle. The difference in the two will make a major difference in the cost of the wheelchair vehicle and should be carefully considered. Wheelchair lifts come in various styles that range from manual to fully-electric and remote controlled. There are also swing lifts that can be used on cars and trucks to make them accessible.

When you start pricing your new wheelchair vehicle you will see that there is a large price difference between new ones and used ones and in after-market conversions and vehicles that are converted directly from the factory. There isn’t a big difference in these in terms of function; however, there can be a big difference in terms of cost and they should all be compared to find the best bet.

If you are going to choose a new wheelchair vehicle the first place you should check is the major car dealerships. Many major manufacturers offer disable customers huge savings and even cash incentives and special financing if your credit is top notch. This is definitely something you should look into before you make a purchase.

You will also need to decide if you want a full-sized van, a mini-van, SUV, car or truck. Obviously the price difference is going to vary dramatically. If you need a van and can use a mini-van instead of a full-sized van you will save money not only on the cost of the vehicle but also on gas mileage. Mini-vans almost always get better gas mileage than their full-sized counterparts.

Wheelchair vehicles are expensive automobiles that are worth every penny of the investment to their owners. This doesn’t mean they have to break the bank, there are money saving options and steps you can take during your search to make sure you get the best possible deal on your wheelchair vehicle.

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