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Vehicles That Will Help You Combat High Gas Prices

Vehicles that will help you save money on gas

Prices at the pump are rising steadily; more and more of the vehicles being released get very low gas mileage. This makes it really hard to get around town or to work, on a budget. Well, there still are tons of options for vehicles that can save you tons of money at the pump.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and buy a hybrid or electric vehicle, there are many gas-engine cars that get very good gas mileage. For small cars, the mini cooper (28 city/36 highway) gets you the most miles for your gallon. If you’re looking at midsize or large cars, you should check out Hyundai. The Elantra gets 27 city/34 highway, and the Sonata get 24 city/34 highway. If you’re looking into station wagons, the Pontiac Vibe and the Toyota Matrix both get 30 city/36 highway.

If you’re looking for a car with even better gas mileage, you should check out hybrid cars. The concept of a hybrid is that its engine is actually a combination of two engines: a traditional gas engine, and an electric engine. Unlike true electric cars, the electric engine is charged by the gas engine, so there’s no need to plug it in. And while all the power is ultimately derived from the gas engine, these cars, van’s, and SUVs still get way batter gas mileage and saving you tons of money at the pump. If you’re looking simply for the best gas mileage overall, you should check out the Honda insight; it gets 60 mpg city, 66 mpg highway. Plus it’s from Honda so you can be confident you’re getting a solid long lasting vehicle. If you’re looking for an SUV, the vehicle with the best gas mileage is the Ford Escape hybrid. It gets 31 mpg city, 36 mpg highway. Imagine, getting the gas mileage of a car (or better) from an SUV.

Another option for saving fuel that will be available on the market soon is the plug-in hybrid. You’re probably thinking “why would I want to plug in my hybrid when I can just get a regular hybrid?’ One dollar to get as far as a gallon of gas, that’s why. A plug in hybrid is the same as a regular hybrid except you have the option of charging the electric engine. This means that if you only take short trips, your gas engine will rarely even have to turn on, and electricity gets you as far as a gallon of gas for about $1. And, unlike normal electric cars, you never have to worry about your battery dying so you can go as far as you want on your gas engine.

If you want to just skip the gas altogether, there have been some great advances in electric vehicles. You’ll forget everything you know about electric vehicles when you see the Tesla Motors Roadster. It’s fully electric, so you can always get a gas mileage equivalent of about $1 per gallon. Unlike traditional electric cars, this one runs on a lithium ion battery, so it can go farther between charges (about 250 miles), it can go a lot faster (top speed of 130 mph), and to be honest, it just looks cooler. If an electric car ever catches on, it will most definitely be this one.

With any type of vehicle, you should keep your car in good shape and making sure it gets regular tune ups, this will help keep up gas efficiency. Also remember that the weight of the vehicle matters. Carrying around stuff you don’t need and always having a full tank will raise your gas mileage.

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