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USDA Ames Iowa Campus Adds Edyne Electric Van to Fleet

If you have not heard of electric trucks or vans yet, you are missing out on one of the biggest environmental revolutions of the past century. Electric vehicles require no fueling at all, from diesel or gasoline. Instead, they either use solar energy or power from a standard plug to charge themselves up and continue running during the day. This makes for virtually no emissions whatsoever, and it minimizes the amount of fuel being consumed every day. The USDA in Ames, Iowa recognized this in their business and decided to add an electric vehicle to their fleet.
The vehicle that the USDA added was a part of the Edyne line offered by GGT Electric. This company has been building electric cars for quite some time now, and it seems that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve in the auto industry. They are rapidly releasing new models of electric vehicles that actually fit the needs of their consumers, and it just so happened that the Edyne line as what the USDA was looking for. You may have completely different needs for a car for you, but rest assured that GGT could provide you with something you like.
In addition to the work vehicles in the Edyne line, GGT offers a wide variety of electric vehicles that you may be able to get. Some of the world’s favorites, like the PT Cruiser and the Mini Cooper, have been transformed by this company into all electric vehicles, so you can drive around in something you know while still making an effort to save the environment. If you would rather have a car that most people may not recognize, the company also offers its own line of sedans and other automobiles you may be interested in.
Everyone should be inspired by the kind of effort the USDA made to help the ecosystem. Electric cars may not be quite as powerful as other vehicles are, but they are immensely better for the earth as a whole. If you have any sort of passion for preserving the environment or for minimizing your impact on the world, an electric vehicle may be the perfect fit for you. There are plenty of models to choose from that will save you money and stress in the long run. Follow in the footsteps of the USDA and see if you can get an electric car for you.

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