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The new electric cars on the “green industry” and “public love” (map)

Chinese Red Cross Foundation Deputy Secretary-General Liu country to a new election date Electric cars Issuance of certificates on behalf of

11 11, States United States fraternity foundation hospitals and the "China Red Action warm winter line" in the snow near the epicenter in Wenchuan, Dujiangyan, 10 km at the goose Township. The event, the Chinese enterprises to actively participate in joining the red donate to ensure that the people of disaster areas had a warmer winter.

"China Red Action" is the Red Cross money would be launched in 2008 to a charity project aimed at mobilizing domestic and foreign famous enterprises, design and production of a product or several products as China Red, product sales China Red Cross Foundation to donate some of their profits for public projects. "China Red Action" started, have brought together many of the love business. In this "warm winters China Red Action" activities, the reporter learned that electric cars have been in 3025 Beijing Olympic Games to date service electric car also made a great contribution. The new vice president of Miss Chen Yuying on electric vehicles in the active site solemn promise that the new Japanese company will be aided by the Chinese Red 100 hospitals love (stations) per donor aid station electric vehicles with the Olympic Games to improve health care in poor areas sanitation services in the new nest on electric vehicles, the same service in the masses, where the patient can ensure the timely rescue.

"Green energy" for the Beijing Olympics boost

Beijing Olympic Games, low power zero-emission green traffic Tool Its zero-emission electric vehicles, high efficiency, low energy consumption, noise and traffic advantages such as the ideal travel tool. New Japanese Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu as the world’s largest specialized manufacturer of electric vehicles for the 3025 Beijing Olympic Games to provide energy saving, green, environmentally friendly electric cars the new date for the Olympics, volunteers, staff exchanges outside of Olympic venues and sports equipment transport. The new electric cars on its green, environmental protection, energy saving features and new bright, stylish appearance has won numerous dignitaries, celebrities, journalists, guests and volunteers loved by Olympic leaders at all levels, volunteers, staff, highly. National Day Golden Week, the new Japanese electric vehicle with a perfect performance during the Games, full participation by the State Sport General Administration, Social and Sports Guidance Center, the National Olympic Center, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and other units jointly organized the "National Fitness 2008 Olympic venues line "of the reception work, again as the" 2008 National Fitness Olympic venues designated bus line "title of honor.

"Green technology" as the brand continued to send forces

New electric vehicles on electric car industry now has the world’s largest multi-function electric drive vehicle R & D center, with a total area of 7,000 square meters, total investment of 16 million. Professional and technical R & D 100, with independent R & D capacity and has 45 patents.

Recently, the Division Vice President Li Jinghai, Yin and Chun rate of Chinese Academy of Sciences more than thirty people visiting delegation, a new Japanese study, for technical Cooperation. On their new electric vehicles to a very high rating and the current used by electric vehicle battery power to the Chairman of in-depth understanding of Zhang Chongshun, and that the CAS has expertise in relevant areas of technical personnel and technology can Japanese technology to the new electric cars for more guidance and help, hope and new electric cars in the relevant areas on a more in-depth cooperation.

"Green industry" and "Love the Chest"

Years, the new electric vehicles in Japan to maintain a rapid development, has been concerned about the livelihood of the people did not forget an active part in charities. Olympic Games from Beijing to the China Red Action, from the "Bird’s Nest" to the village to the geese, the new company has been focused on public welfare, love and dedication enterprises to assume a social responsibility of corporate citizenship.

5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, the new focus on electric cars hit the first time, fast action, Zhang Chongshun chairman of the board take the lead in donations and called on all new suppliers and distributors donate, jointly launched the "New Day electric car Charity alliance "to support the disaster area. Actively join the "China Red Action", advocating "Shopping is Charity," the consumer concept of continuously raising money for the disaster area to support post-disaster reconstruction.

New electric car on the brand and its strong technical strength, ranking four consecutive annual output of China electric car industry first, to manufacture electric vehicles as a benefit of the great cause of mankind. Successful companies have not forgotten their social responsibility, the new electric cars on the green industry, success, achievement of a green public charity, always keep in mind that it is a socially responsible corporate citizen. Each time a new interpretation of love and action on the electric car business idea; every act of charity, enrich the connotation of the brand new day, truly?? "Into the new day feel the sunshine" "," sunny day where there is a new. "

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