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Renault, Nissan all set to come with electric vehicles

The auto industry is fleeting towards the hiking demands of electric cars worldwide and with this eco friendly concept, the leading market players Renault and Nissan are all set to enter into the auto market with the electric vehicle concept.

Carlos Ghoson, CEO of Renault Nissan stated that the two automakers are planning to manufacture 5,00,000 electric cars annually by 2013 year end. At a conference with industry reporters, Ghoson proclaimed another merger in the automotive industry and stated that it would be a joint approach rather than one company acquiring the other. Ghoson believes that electric vehicles are the future, and he is positioning the two automakers Renault and Nissan to lead the market.

Nissan in looking ahead to launch its electric car Nissan Leaf in December in a hundred mile range.It has planned to sell around 20,000 units in United states in 2011. Both Renault and Nissan will have four electric cars available by 2013.

Nissan is planning 2,00,000 battery packs production annually alongwith 150,000 vehicles by 2013 in United States as and when its New Leaf Factory in Tennessee starts production. Already this plant has won the low cost government loan of $ 1.4 billion. Ghoson is expecting 10 percent electric cars share for all the vehicles to be sold by 2020.

He also conveyed that Nissan is least bothered about the sales tactics with Leaf in the next three years because of the rapidly increasing demand of electric cars and therefore Nissan has not yet planned to launch Leaf in China which is one of the biggest automotive market.

Nissan has been one of the leading automakers in petrol and diesel variants with an efficient selling statistics and both Reanult and Nissan are now seeking forward towards a remarkable contribution in the electric vehicles with changing needs in the auto industry.

In India too, both these big auto industry units Nissan and Renault are expected to come with some new cars as they have displayed a significant number of upcoming cars in Delhi auto expo,2010. Renault itself is going to come up with its Renault Fluence, Renault Laguna and Renault Koleos. They also displayed their electric car concept with their electric car Renault Twizy. On the other end Nissan is already in the Indian market and its Nissan Micra has been one of the most dominating cars in India this year.

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