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New Honda dealer in Westchester County excited to see reaction to Honda all-electric

Well, what do you think of the new Honda electric concept? The auto industry is buzzing about it after seeing it for the first time recently at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. Along with the plug-in hybrid, the Honda electric is part of the auto maker’s move toward a more fuel efficient future.

Your new Honda dealer in Westchester County can’t wait to get these models on the showroom floor. With the success of other brand hybrids like Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf electric, Honda dealers have no doubt that their models will compete. And for loyal Honda owners, the choice will be simple.

Honda also is debuting the FCX Clarity, a fuel cell electric vehicle, and is proud to be making such advances in going green while creating vehicles that are practical for customers. The company feels this is an important move and proved it by bringing out the big guns – or the big executives. Honda Motor C. President and CEO Takanobu Ito attended the press conference to introduce the electric models. This is the first time a global leader at Honda has done so during the Los Angeles Auto Show.

So what does this mean for loyal Honda buyers or those just looking for a reliable and environmentally-responsible ride? Well, you options just expanded. Used Honda Accord Bergen County customers can look forward to Honda bringing these models to the showroom before long. We just don’t know how long. The response they receive in the media and the inquiries from interested buyers will likely help determine that production date.

Honda’s big focus has recently has been in finding green technology. One quote from the company website states, “No one call tell us when we’ll run out of oil, but we will. Everyone will tell you we will.” And Honda wants to be ready for that day.

Working on projects with everything from solar power to hydrogen power, to compressed natural gas and electric power, Honda is leaving no stone unturned in the race to find efficient means of transportation for its customers.

Customers of the Honda dealer Westchester County will appreciate the research that has gone into Honda’s concept vehicles. Several were debuted recently in Los Angeles and many more are in the works.

The FCX Clarity, which runs basically on water vapor, is already being driven by some testers in California and will be available for lease at a price of $600 a month. Sounds a bit steep, but when you figure in the cost of fuel that you won’t be putting in it, you may have a sweet deal. Oh, and it’s a zero emissions car. Used Honda Accord Bergen County buyers should really check it out.

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