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Hori Yoichi: Electronic technology will become the Electric Automobile – Automotive Industry-hc360 H

(747, ‘With the development of automotive electronics car the next 10 to 20 years there will be amazing changes Hori Yoichi The biggest change is beyond the scope of automotive electronics to achieve rely on the power driven vehicles Electrical and software changes so much the car as it is to become electric car In other words the future of cars will be connected with the power system Conventional gasoline powered vehicles into hybrid and plug in hybrids and ultimately pure electric vehicles for the development of a blueprint for the development of more and more realistic Of course other development plans are to be achieved For example there clean diesel vehicles and bio fuel vehicles Fuel Battery Some sing the feeling of supporting vehicles As long as adequate infrastructure and improve power supply motors can be said to be ideal vehicles drive actuator the train has been 100 years ago proved that So consider it even in all development plans in the comparison hybrid plug in hybrid by stage and finally to the development of pure electric vehicles competitive speculation This of course caused by soaring crude oil prices exist to promote the role with the Hokkaido Toyako summit approaches this approach has become increasingly clear Automotive and power system is connected the car 39 s performance will change Cars will be quot short term moving multiple charge similar to light rail transportation quot Train and car What is the difference The train is moving side to gain energy from the outside edge of transportation but cars are put on most of the energy driving the vehicle Traditional gasoline fill up the car can continuously moving 400k 500km speed up to 160km Because car manufacturers aim to achieve quot no matter what when and where people quot can drive the car But now is not all cars need this level of performance Taking into account the real use in fact many people think that only one day car driving around 20km so you can speed up to 100km Have continuous moving 400k 500km in the car is even in the center of the Sahara desert sand out of the desert 39 s performance can also be configured Drivers of such vehicles in the city is simply a waste When it comes to the topic of low storage car someone said quot if energy depletion broke down how to do quot but how many people will go when the anchor can not be charged a place People just need to choose according to their needs on it In the evolution of the car which of electronic technology will play a key role Hori Yoichi If the vehicle access to the power system to realize quot running short on many occasions charge quot then to the capacitor have a go time Cars with electric drive can not rely on track as the train along the shelf as any power lines Not as the gasoline engine as storage for vehicles traveling 400k 500km of energy Therefore the need to build to a small supply of energy with the power supply infrastructure Simply load the car quickly charge and discharge a small amount of the energy source can be So this energy source is a rechargeable battery or a capacitor do I personally feel better capacitors High current fast charging capacitor to this fascinating Although rechargeable batteries discharge faster but charging time is too long To use rechargeable batteries plug in hybrids for example home need to charge 1 to 2 hours Although in the near future may be reduced to 15 to 20 minutes or so but still very long The capacitor charge can be completed just 30 seconds However if the accumulation of too many capacitors the charge also takes a long time it should be a small amount of load There are other features Capacitors charging and discharging of non chemical change longer product life can correctly judge the remaining battery terminal voltage do not use heavy metals and little impact on the environment Although the energy density as lithium ion rechargeable battery but with progress in the development of capacitor technology could catch up later Horiuchi foreign one in 1983 received the University of Tokyo School of Engineering Department of Doctoral Electronic Engineering degree in 2000 became the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tokyo professor 2002 he was appointed Professor of Tokyo Institute of Production Technology Research for the control of engineering and machinery and electronics many years engaged in electric vehicle control technology ‘)

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