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Globalization and new energy vehicles will be introduced urgently industry standard – batteries, mac

This year, we are the most anticipated of the electric Car There are two laws?? "New Energy Automotive Development Plan "and the" national standard electric vehicles. " National "" period, the National People’s Congress of Zhejiang Lu Guanqiu Wanxiang Group and Chairman of the Board from Machinery NPC deputies Jin-Fu Wang manufacturing industries have moved the motion and hope the new energy vehicles as soon as possible national standards.

Electric vehicle standards are various interest groups behind the game. Global technical standards are being made, China is also involved in the development of standards, the future of our country Electric cars Is to be able to enter the international market, so the technical standards and international standards to be sure. This international technical background led to China’s electric vehicle standards expected date of a time delay. According to the latest "Joint Statement" on the discussion of electric cars that the two countries in the field of electric vehicles Cooperation Will be comprehensive, not just car itself, but also will cover the battery pack, motor, electronic control and other aspects. Obama ZAOCHE168.com Copyright, 2015, the United States to achieve domestic production of new energy vehicles 1 million.

Standards of electric vehicles can be broken down into several specific parts, such as the forthcoming "pure electric passenger car technology", on to the vehicle power performance, security, reliability, and many other aspects were clearly defined put forward specific technical indicators, such as electric vehicles provides a top speed of not less than 75 km on a single charge driving range after not less than 160 km, 100 km less than 16 kwh energy consumption and so on. Among the most controversial is the standard car battery. This gave rise to two major car manufacturers camp game.

Present, battery electric vehicles are mainly two techniques: one is called "plug-in"?? Power to find a socket to recharge depleted; the other is "Battery Type"?? Directly after the power runs out replace the battery, no outlet. Domestic automobile enterprises mainly based plug-in charging mode. BYD is a typical representative of such enterprises. Last year in August, FAW, SAIC, Dongfeng, Chang’an, Guangzhou Automobile, Beijing Automotive, heavy truck, Brilliance, Chery, JAC and other domestic enterprises set up jointly by ten electric vehicle automotive industry alliance and signed a "joint action electric vehicle development Outline ", marks the" plug Union ". By the end of 2009, Nissan, Zhejiang China and Thailand, Zhejiang Condi also CNOOC, China Putian, Zhejiang days to Battery Co., Ltd. and other energy giants reached an agreement, jointly set up the "Chinese electric car industry Promotion Alliance", set up "Battery-type alliance."

But no matter, "plug-in" or "battery" type of pure electric vehicles alliance is also difficult to reach internal ZAOCHE168.com, the manufacturers not only cell size of different sizes, some even charging interface is also different. "First-class standards of business sale, second-rate company to sell the patent, third-rate business selling physical. Sell industry standard for enterprise controlling the entire industry." Dominant standard in trying to actually behind the interests of the game.

The face of new energy opportunities, the domestic three energy giants were unable to remain the country Home Appliances Net, CNOOC, Sinopec, have announced their new or rebuilt car charging stations plan to charge the battery to the car this big cake in years, launched a game of interest. With the entry of private capital in the future, patterns of distribution of benefits will also further impact. CNOOC is also adding "battery" type of root causes?? Hope to lead the establishment of standards.

Addition to the standard car, there is a policy direction that the state subsidies of new energy vehicles. States have begun in some cities on the electric buses, electric vehicles, such as construction subsidies. The private purchase of electric cars sooner or later the State’s financial subsidy policies to encourage and guide people to purchase and consumption of electric vehicles. At the present level of cost control, a pure electric car market price can be as low as 100,000 to 150,000 yuan, with a similar economic cars. A pure electric car 100 kilometers consumption up to 10 degrees, less than 5 dollars, and an economical fuel consumption of gasoline of about 7 liters per hundred kilometers, together more than 40 yuan; run 15,000 kilometers by the year count http:// http://www.mmsonline.com.cn, the use of electric cars cost less 5,250 yuan. If a car can use 10 years, will be able to province 52,500 yuan; if the state subsidies for more than 50,000 yuan, electric cars and petrol cars can be completely quite.

Battery recycling need standard: Li-ion battery pollution remains concern that we need national standards to develop electric car when the battery recycling standards must be developed. Do not reduce carbon emissions, has increased the metal contamination of water and the environment. Otherwise, a Pandora’s Box is not fully closed, another has opened.

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