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Electric Cars: Why they are the Best Alternatives

Electric cars, as the name indicates, are vehicles that work on electricity and whose only source of power is electricity. They are also known as battery electric vehicles. The most advantageous feature of electric cars is that they are zero emission vehicles and so, do not pollute the atmosphere.

The number of parts in an electric car is also less as against other hybrid cars or cars that run on gas. The noise from electric cars is almost negligible. Basically, an electric car is made up of a simple frame, wheels, an electric motor, car battery and an electric on and off switch. The engine of the electric car is made up of a series of batteries that are attached to an on and off switch and it is in turn, attached to a motor that is electrically operated. Obviously, the electric motor drives the wheels and sets the car in motion.

The amount of electricity that goes into the motor is controlled to drive the vehicle in a controlled manner. There are solar cars available that convert solar energy into electricity. The electricity that is stored within the battery of an electric car can be generated from any source, apart from solar, like nuclear, natural gas, coal and petroleum.

Since electric cars have a low center of gravity, the initial acceleration is quite rapid and can be handled quite easily. But, the fact of the matter is, that the lithium ion batteries used in cars are very expensive making the overall price of the car expensive and these batteries have to be replaced once in three or four years. In addition, the charging of the battery takes almost three or four hours to fully recharge and therefore needs prior planning, if the electric car is to be used for longer distances.

This also means that the batteries can be charged only from the initial point of journey because there may not be too many charging stations on the way. People also feel that the electric cars are not most suitable for driving long distances and can be nightmarish, if the car runs out of battery or in the midst of busy traffic.

Normally, an electric car offers the equivalent of twenty miles per gallon and the cost to run a mile is nearly three cents. Further more; there is no expenditure on tune ups, oil changes and the like in an electric car. So, people who are environment friendly and want to paint a greener world can opt for an electric car.

The choice would not only be appreciated by others but it would also fill the pocket of the owner because it saves a lot of fuel in the long run. Even though man affords to purchase oil what with soaring oil prices, oil is a depleting natural resource and it is our duty to save this resource for our future generations.

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