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Electric Car Companies Position Themselves for Growth

Electric car companies have recently been getting incredible amounts of attention. Aside from the attention they also seem to be receiving funding from numerous sources such as institutions, government grants or savvy investors such as Warren Buffet. With all the money that’s been placed in the electric car sector you would think that a significant amount of Americans would be driving all electric cars. For very good reasons, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The electric car sector as a whole seems to be concentrating all of its attention on a few aspects of the electric car. First, they are all seeking or trying to develop a battery technology that allows electric cars to go further than 50-60 miles to the charge. I don’t know about the readers viewing this but I wouldn’t want to recharge my car two times a day every day! In addition, the electric car sector depends upon a cost effective battery technology to make electric cars more affordable to the average consumer. At this particular time the only people that seem to afford all electric cars. ((http://electriccarstocks.com/2009/09/21/are-electric-vehicles-a-solution-to-americas-oil-dependancy/)) that are worth driving seem to be the rich and famous.

So if you can’t offer electric cars to the average consumer at a fair price, how does an electric car company position itself for growth in this particular sector? An electric car company ((http://electriccarstocks.com/2009/09/16/springfield-limousine-manufacturer-goes-green-with-electric-powered-limos/)) trading under the symbol CCUC recently announced that it has acquired one of eight QVM’s (quality vehicle modifiers) in the nation which happens to have their QVM agreement with Ford, they’re called Imperial Coach Builders. They also obtained an electric car company by the name Plug in Motors that has managed to create an all electric car that can go 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, it can go as far as 200 miles to the charge and has top speeds of 105 miles per hour. This is a game changer for the electric car sector especially since most competitors have vehicles that are extremely expensive, they can’t go past 60 mph and they only go distances that range from 35-100 miles to the charge. Very unattractive!

The purpose for these two auto companies teaming up is the fact that vehicles developed by Plug-in motors can actually drive for distances as far as 300-350 miles to the charge when the vehicles average 30mph. Your probably wondering why that’s a big deal? The reason is that livery vehicles such as limousines and taxi cabs usually maintain speeds within that range. It is this very reason that Plug-in Motors and Imperial Coach Builders decided to team up! The plan is to develop all electric limousines, taxi cabs and other sorts of livery vehicles to position fleet companies to realize significant savings! Fleet companies or drivers with these sorts of all electric cars would only have to pay about $4-$5 for every charge as opposed to $20-$30 for the same distance with regular gas powered vehicles. A fleet company would also realize significant savings in maintenance costs! In my opinion, this new electric car stock ((http://www.electriccarstocks.com)) CCUC has positioned itself for consistent growth in the all electric car sector!

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