Electric Vehicles

Electric bike, a new revolution

Transportation has always been an important part of the life of human being. Every human being has to travel to different places for different purposes. During the stone-age, man used to travel by foot. Later on he started traveling on the back of camel, horse, donkey, elephant etc. As man gained some knowledge by applying his brain, he attached a cart to be pulled by tamed animals and used to travel with their whole family. Then in 1790, a Frenchmen made the first bicycle from wood which did not have pedals, so had to be pushed with feet. It also did not have handle, so it could only go straight. Still man was not satisfied and he wanted to make traveling more easily, so in 1839, the first bicycle made of metal and with handle and pedals was invented. During 1800 century, the bicycles with movable handle and high wheel in front and a small wheel at the back became popular. The pedals were attached to the front high wheel.

Man is never satisfied with what he possesses. He always wants to have more and more. He keeps on applying brain to invent something new to get more facility and make life smooth, so he went on making changes in the bicycle up to an extend that to-day the bicycle is made to run with electric as a fuel, which has been given the name of ELECTRIC BIKE. This new mode of transport has now become popular whole over the world. This is basically a bicycle which is a bit heavier than a common bicycle which moves forward by acceleration. The best part is this bike does not require petrol or any other fuel to run just as the other motorbikes do. It runs on a chargeable battery, so if the battery runs down, you can paddle the bike to reach your destination. The other advantage is no RTA registration or licence is required to own and ride this bike, so even your 10-12 year child can also ride this bike if provided proper training. In fact this is the vehicle made for teenagers. The only drawback is you can’t speed-ride this bike. The maximum speed you can ride per hour is 30 kms. But the manufacturers and the dealers advise to ride at the maximum speed of 20 kmph for better result.

You would hardly find a country were the electric bike is not produced. However, you may find a country where the electric bike is not manufactured but you may still find the bikes being sold by the dealers of that country who import such bikes from the manufacturers of other countries. The manufacturers of US are much advance in making electric bikes. You can find numerous dealers for electric bikes across US. If you are interested in buying an electric bicycle, bike or a scooter, then you can visit http://www.bernsonev.com and know more about electric vehicles. Here you can find a wide range of electric bicycles and scooters manufactured by reputed companies like Currie Technology (IZIP Electric Bikes and Scooters, Mongoose Electric Scooters.), Giant Suede E Electric Bikes HCF Electric Scooters.

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