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Do not let electric vehicles for low carbon economy standard flash back – electric vehicles, low-car

Electric cars Standards related to the interests of all mortal beings, so I had to call: electric car standards, they must flash a low-carbon economy back. Recently developed in China by 2020, targets low-carbon economy, I think, all state institutions should help towards achieving this goal to the efforts of the direction, not the contrary, through the “standard barriers” to urge people to give consistent low carbon economy standard to go by, and to march forth and put to use Car Ranks. And as a country, for I like the family, problem-solving in food and clothing, select the manner in which travel is in fact a belief and choice, expensive cars, bicycles tired, buses are too crowded, Motorcycle And dangerous, such as electric cars are not practical nor expensive. I did not buy a car, because I considered unnecessary to use the car’s external costs such as pollution, traffic congestion imposed on society, and would prefer the wind to go the electric car and rain combined to go by bus, he did not feel in the case of inconvenience, objectively reduces the pressure on development to the community, this guiding principle of life, in fact, is consistent with the development of low-carbon economy thinking. News “” Throw 300,000 a year group of lead-acid battery electric vehicles into green killer “” I think that they choose to go by a responsible way to travel, I did not cause excessive pollution to society, nor to public facilities caused by excessive pressure, I like those that the Government can support me way of life. It is understood that a few days ago, the state for the first time quantified greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, domestic carbon dioxide emissions in 2020 than in 2005 dropped 40% -45%. This makes the first half of next year, new market Energy , Energy conservation policy of intensive release looking forward to. In the industry, globalization, information technology development and product life cycles, making competitive landscape has undergone tremendous changes, decisions and measure the business model to become an important factor in enterprise value. The same time, electric vehicles travel mode, the drive for the development of the industry is not less favorable than the automobile industry. Just a few years, people in the electric vehicle’s progress is not inferior to the progress of vehicles, such as the development and efficient use of battery, even more crucial is the electric vehicles to tell people in the face of choice, with a minimum of external manner of life, which is is a low carbon economy to pursue a way of life, but also many of the elite consciously choose a responsible way of life. Government recognition of this philosophy of life, will allow people to promote other aspects of life, and the Government to “standard barriers” in the form of attacks of this way of life would be worth the candle. If electric cars have the inconvenience of what, then so much the inconvenience is that the consumer has a great car for the “crowding out”, the electric car to car lose potential customers, in reducing pressure on public transport the same time, so that there is no need to buy this car to those who regret the psychological, which is why some people want to buy electric cars in an embarrassing lie among the root causes. In this context, I remind the parties concerned, do not forget the country’s determination to promote a low carbon economy.

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