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It is understood that the electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular because of their convenience, no pollution and other advantages. Consumers usually take the life length of battery as a major factor measuring the quality of electric vehicles. The problem of battery quality is the most bother thing for people when they ride electric vehicles. At present, there are four secret worries existing electric vehicle batteries.

Expert introduced that the battery produced by electric vehicle manufacturers are generally provided by professional battery manufacturers. The batteries of different brands and different manufacturers are different in quality, so the prices have high and low points. Some manufacturers do malicious competition in order to eat the big cake of electric vehicle market, they play price war in product sales, but cut corners in production link, they use poor-quality batteries that purchased cheaply to assemble electric vehicles.

According to relevant provisions, as the main component of electric vehicles, battery has corresponding "Three Guarantees" period. According to reports, from the market research, some electric vehicle salesperson have neither professional knowledge of battery maintenance nor relevant professional testing equipment, they only add some electrolyte in the battery that has failure during the "Three Guarantees" period, which can be said it has maintained. But the electric bike would be out of work again because of the same trouble after a few days. After a few rounds, the battery's "Three Guarantees " has expired, at that time, manufacturers will ask consumers to buy a new battery by themselves. Some manufacturers will not admit the fault of battery quality, they blame all on consumers. Moreover, some of them change new batteries for consumers on the surface, but the batteries they give to consumers are still old ones, they just have made some technical processing on the appearance. Secretly, they ask for new batteries from manufacturers in the name of replacing batteries for consumers, they sit to enjoy the benefits, but consumers become live ones.

As reported, some consumers' using method of battery is improper. First, the time of charging the battery is so long, they believed that the longer the battery charge and the electric quantity would be more. Second is long-time power loss, they charge their battery only when the voltage closes to the "red line". Third, consumers charge the battery in the case of the temperature is too high or too low. Fourth, they don't pay attention to the battery's regular inspection, maintenance and servicing. Fifth, they don't have proper operation according to instruction.

Electric vehicle batteries are generally lead-acid batteries. According to professionals, lead-acid batteries are made of lead, sulfuric acid and some metal and plastic components. Waste battery acid contains a lot of lead, so the indiscriminate emission will not only pollute soil and water, but also lead to human metabolism, reproductive and neurological and other aspects diseases. Relevant departments required specifically that the electric vehicle sales industry must do the recycling work of waste batteries. But in reality, some vendors take it like a passing wind, which caused that part of waste batteries are took away by other people. They dump the lead-acid liquor anywhere, and then remove the lead inside the battery and sold it to scrap yards.

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