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Electric vehicles are set to become the substitute for gasoline-based vehicles in the smart grid of the future. The market growth for these vehicles is expected to find support from governments and industries alike, as they offer numerous benefits to all stakeholders. The infrastructure of the existing power grid is not suitable to support large-scale implementation of these vehicles. The roll out of smart grids will provide them with adequate infrastructure that includes charging stations, plug-points and metering nodes. The North American countries are carrying out pilot projects to test the viability of electric vehicles in metropolitan areas. Similar projects are expected to take place in other markets globally as the implementation of smart grids gains momentum.


- Market prospect of electric vehicles in smart grid
- Key drivers to increase adoption of electric vehicles in smart grid
- Barriers to the growth of electric vehicles market
- Government role in supporting market penetration

Reasons to buy

- Identify key growth and investment opportunities in smart grid sector
- Position yourself to take advantage of the industry's growth potential by developing strategies
- Facilitate decision-making based on upcoming market developments in the smart grid sector

1.1 List of Figures 1
2 Market Analysis Alert 2
2.1 Summary 2
3 Smart Grid Electric Vehicles: Future of Automobile Industry 2
3.1 Gasoline Powered Vehicles Losing Favor as Fuel Prices Rise 2
3.2 Smart Grid Offers a Lucrative Market for Electric Vehicles 2
3.3 Scarcity of Lithium May Hamper the Prospects of Electric Vehicles in Key Markets 3
3.4 Government Offering Support to Reduce Dependence on Imported Crude 3
3.5 Environmental Groups to Rally behind the Emergence of Electric Vehicles 4
4 Appendix 5
4.1 Methodology 5
4.1.1 Coverage 5
4.1.2 Secondary Research 5
4.1.3 Primary Research 6
4.1.4 Expert Panel Validation 6
4.2 Contact Us 6
4.3 Disclaimer 6

1.1 List of Figures
Figure 1: Global Price Trend of Motor Gasoline ($ per Gallon), 2008-2010 4
Figure 2: Methodology 5

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