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Pure electric vehicles ideal solution for business operations

Intelligent energy storage in the Valley power charging station established on the basis of the commercial operation of the "model", is a pure electric vehicle ideal for large-scale commercial operations solutions. Than the world has been building and is building facilities based on the charge of the business "model" to have five major advantages:

First, the development and utilization of power resources Valley. Thunder Sky Valley Electric intelligent storage power stations, electrical energy storage by Google, the peak electric power supply, effectively stabilize the peak power / Valley power fluctuations. Hp pavilion dm3 battery Meanwhile, Google is the peak electricity prices and electricity prices of 1 / 5, can provide low-cost electric vehicles power resources, conservation Valley Electric, turning waste into treasure, is the best solution to energy conservation.

Second, innovative independent charging mode. Electric cars subject to the power supply system of universal electric vehicles are a major obstacle. All current facilities could not escape the charge dependence on traditional power grid, a large-scale operations of electric vehicles, any one region of the charge pile / charging station, hundreds of thousands of vehicles will face the problem of charging electric vehicles at the same time, the moment at this time will exert enormous pressure on power, causing instability, or even paralysis. This is a universal electric vehicles are a major obstacle.

Thunder Sky Energy Storage battery charging station for electric car charging function and network operation functions be separated, innovative independent charge mode, which is "zero carbon industry" trend of the times. From power fluctuations, power outages, brownouts and effects of the accident to ensure stable power supply, while ensuring freedom of 24 hours of pure electric vehicle charging, and independent power grid safety protection. Solved subject to the pure electric vehicle charging network problems.

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