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A hybrid electric vehicle is a vehicle that has both electric power and gasoline power that it uses for operation. A hybrid is a cross between an all gasoline and all electric vehicle. The idea of a hybrid is to increase gas mileage and reduce pollution.

A hybrid electric vehicle features both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The gasoline motor gets its power from traditional gasoline. The electric motor gets its power from a battery.

The motor and the engine work together to provide power for the vehicle. The electric motor runs the car when it is cruising and decelerating. The gasoline engine powers the car when extra power is needed, such as when accelerating.

The difference in the gasoline engine from a traditional vehicle is that the gasoline engine is much smaller, as it is only providing a small amount of power to the vehicle.

All other aspects of the hybrid electric vehicle are basically the same. The same design of the body of the car, the interior and the same inner workings of the starter, transmission and other operating systems.

A hybrid is going to use the gasoline engine much less because it will use the electric motor to its full capacity. Therefore a hybrid will use far less gasoline and produce far less emissions than a vehicle that uses gasoline power only.

The biggest downfall with a hybrid is that since they are newer vehicles many mechanics can not work on them and most repairs and work needs to be done at the dealership. Parts may also be slightly more expensive.

However, on the upside, hybrid vehicles depreciate, lose value, slower than gasoline vehicles. This makes them a good investment that will provide a good return and save you money in the meantime.

At one point the manufacturing of hybrids was rather low key and something that was thought to be a fad. Hybrids have taken off in popularity, though, and every major manufacturer has started producing hybrids. They all have begun to focus efforts towards creating hybrids because they are the future of the automobile industry.

The bottom line is that when you are operating a hybrid electric vehicle, you will not notice a difference. It will run smoothly and operate the same as a gasoline car. The only difference you may notice is that they are quieter then a gasoline vehicle and there's nothing wrong with that.

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