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Domestic and foreign auto manufacturers have introduced electric vehicles when mass production schedule, a secret document uncovered transnational enterprises in the industry on vehicle layout.

Early in March, a number of multinational auto giants by the chairman of the joint signing of the "jointly promote the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles memorandum" in the eyes of the public, signed the memorandum include Daimler, Ford, General Motors (Opel), Honda, Toyota, Hyundai - Kia and Renault - Nissan, etc. 7 Transnational Automotive Group and alliances. This means that in promoting the industrialization of electric vehicles, the cross-car enterprises in fuel cell vehicles to reach a certain dell latitude d610 laptop battery.

In China, the industry voice of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are also becoming high. April 9, South China University of Technology Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Professor Liao Shijun battery technology innovation in 2010 China (Shanghai) forum said that the current cost of hydrogen fuel cell laboratory is 7,000 yuan per kilowatt "the level of domestic hydrogen fuel cell technology has been in world leader, to meet the industrial requirements. "

From 9000 U.S. dollars to 7,000 yuan

Currently, hydrogen fuel cells has been the scale of access to Europe and Japan, Korea and other countries and regions, the family was prepared for hot water systems and electric fields, the overall market grew 30%, but because of manufacturing costs, durability and stability and the hydrogen fuel supply systems problems, hydrogen fuel cell in the auto industry's promotion was not smooth.

Innovation Forum in battery technology gap, Professor Liao Shijun told the "Daily Economic News" interview, said, "South China University of hydrogen fuel cells are breaking the first two difficulties, the current cost of hydrogen fuel cell laboratory per kilowatt 7,000 yuan, the cost of greatly reduced battery life is also greatly enhanced, which can basically meet the commercial operation. "

The early years, some foreign research institutions, said the hydrogen fuel cell cost 9000 U.S. dollars per kilowatt, the service life of 1200 hours, so hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is considered the highest threshold of new energy vehicles.

"At the time, said overseas research institutions the cost of hydrogen fuel cell is 9000 U.S. dollars per kilowatt, we want cost to be 9000 yuan, the effect is not the same." Shi-Jun Liao recalls the scene of the original research project launched. He disclosed that the present South China Institute of Technology designed a series of 12-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cells, have been able to run 8 hours without interruption, life 3000 hours.

Shi-Jun Liao calculations to reporters, "general car to reach 80 km per hour is 35 kilowatts of power needed to do a 40-kilowatt fuel cell laboratory cost is 28 million, with government subsidies, the market should be huge."

Industrialization is not out of reach?

According to reports, China has already adopted the materials of hydrogen fuel cells.

In 2000, the Ministry invested 880 million yuan on the project of pure electric vehicles, this is the famous "863 major projects planned electric car."

In 2001, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zi-Feng Ma, vice president of the Institute presided over the Shanghai Jiaotong University, Pan-Asian Group, and two four-party treaty signed investment institutions, joint research and development of new energy vehicles, a fuel cell to produce the first vehicle and a range of 300 km.

In 2006, the "863" Project of the research project re-orientation, from the "electric vehicle" research into "energy saving and new energy vehicles," the research study point to the direction of official energy saving and alternative energy sources.

"Hydrogen Energy meet the demands, it is a new alternative energy, fuel cell energy efficiency above 80%, emissions standards are zero emissions, electric cars use an electric power grid in the addition of coal-generated electricity based ", Zi-Feng Ma said that hydrogen has been considered to be a real clean energy.

The current crop of new energy vehicles in the alternative fuel vehicles, electric cars, hybrid, fuel cell electric vehicles, and many other categories, Zi-Feng Ma believes that hybrid and pure electric vehicles is a temporary solution, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is the most new energy best solution, hydrogen is replaced by oil, "the new oil."

For hydrogen fuel industrialization whether the time came, Zi-Feng Ma cited a case in 2006, Shanghai Jiaotong University for 15 million funding to the state of hydrogen fuel cell bus, the actual cost only a quarter of funding. "The coach had a good power output and durability, this point of view, the industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is not far away."

The sources, Development and Reform Commission issued the proposed policy on the family the second vehicle to raise taxes, to encourage development of new energy automotive industry, the government may subsidize the high toshiba tecra 8100 battery fuel cell vehicles, the highest possible subsidies to 500,000 yuan per vehicle.


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